School and university maintenance departments are responsible for keeping students safe, managing inventory, and complying with government regulations, among other tasks. Their maintenance departments typically manage hundreds, if not thousands, of work orders and assets each day. Various maintenance issues can arise at any given moment, so it’s important for schools to have an effective maintenance system in place. Schools and universities around the country have been facing budget cuts over the last several years. This has required maintenance managers to learn how to do more with less. CMMS software for schools can help maintenance managers at schools and universities keep grounds safe and in good condition.

8 Benefits of CMMS Software for Schools and Universities:

1.     Boost efficiency

Using CMMS software enables you to boost the efficiency of your maintenance department. School officials can use the software to automate the work order life cycle, which includes work requests, work orders, and preventive maintenance schedules.

2.     Enhance collaboration

A maintenance management solution links together different school locations, buildings, managers, employees, vendors, suppliers, etc. into a single, centralized network, which enhances collaboration and communication.

3.     Protect your assets

Your assets are subject to wear and tear, malfunction, and breakdown. Maintenance software allows you to follow a preventive maintenance schedule and protect your assets. This prevents unexpected asset failure, which can lead to costly revenue leaks.

4.     Close work orders faster

CMMS software provides you with a central database for incoming work requests, so you can determine what work needs to be done and assign and prioritize work orders. This helps you close work orders faster.

5.     Automatically generate reports

Reports can assist you in planning budgets and spotting trends as well as give you access to up-to-date data regarding preventive maintenance tasks and work orders. Reports can also help you track the productivity of your staff and monitor the performance of equipment.

6.     Track your assets

Schools and universities have many assets, including computers, lighting, toilets, HVAC equipment, and lab equipment. CMMS software enables you to track your assets, no matter where they are located. Maintenance managers can determine the location and condition of each asset and ensure that no asset is neglected.

7.     Increase productivity

Maintenance software can increase your maintenance department’s productivity by allowing you to set up a preventive maintenance routine and schedule jobs. You can assign tasks to employees in a more efficient manner and ensure that they remain occupied at all times.

8.     Increase the life expectancy of equipment

Following a preventive maintenance schedule and performing routine maintenance can increase the life expectancy of equipment because it allows you to replace parts as they experience wear and tear so that small problems don’t become big ones later.

A computerized maintenance management system empowers your school’s maintenance department and saves you money in the long run. By regularly maintaining your school’s assets, they will be less prone to breaking down. Fewer breakdowns mean less downtime and lower repair costs. CMMS software for schools can also help you manage employees more efficiently and increase their productivity.

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