Fleet maintenance software is not a small investment of time or money for any organization, so making the best choice is vital. By considering the eight factors listed below, the odds of a successful fleet maintenance software purchase and implementation will increase greatly.

1. Go slow to go fast

This may seem counter-intuitive, but a significant purchase such as fleet maintenance software cannot be rushed. Instead, plan to take as much time as needed to locate the best fit for your organization. Consider options such as on-premise versus cloud-based software deployments. Take into account how many employees will be utilizing the software on a regular basis. Determine what software modules are most important, and make sure to involve staff in the decision-making process.

2. Scalability

If the fleet software implementation is successful and all goes well for your company, there will be growth in the future. Any fleet maintenance software you consider must have the ability to scale up, including expansion to new sites and even new countries. Failure to consider this might result in your organization “outgrowing” the software in a few years.

3. Get management buy-in at key junctures

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for any type of significant software implementation is retaining support from the key executives within the company. As the process of purchasing begins, talk with executives about financial boundaries and performance expectations. Invite their involvement at appropriate times, and focus on the benefits of the software package.

4. Develop a detailed implementation plan

At times, organizations lean too heavily upon vendors to provide implementation support, but the vendor’s expertise only extends so far. It is your company’s responsibility to have a robust implementation plan, and to subsequently follow it.

5. Consider hiring vendor consultants to support the purchase and implementation process

It may be that your organization is too lean to effectively manage the purchase of fleet management software. If this is the case, the best option is to hire consultants to manage the process for you. These professionals will assess your needs, guide you through all phases of the implementation process and teach you how to make the most of your fleet maintenance software.

6. Do not forget training

Your implementation will fail without strong training. As you evaluate vendors, be sure to ask about training. The following four categories of training should be included in any price package you are provided:

  • Initial on-site training for all relevant departments
  • Leave-behind resources for future reference
  • Web-based training courses
  • Additional on-site or off-site training courses provided as needed

7. Trust your gut

Any major purchase should fundamentally be made based upon the value and benefits offered by the vendors competing for your services. Too much reliance upon your instincts could result in a terrible decision. However, you also should not completely discount your gut either. If something feels off, delve into it by asking further questions until you regain your comfort.

8. Don’t celebrate too quickly

Many companies treat the end of an implementation as the finish line. In truth, it is the starting line. Stay vigilant to ensure the fleet maintenance software meets the needs of your organization.

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