The mobile revolution has arrived and it will undoubtedly continue to grow in coming years. From smartphones to tablets, mobile devices have altered the way we communicate with one other, record data and manage day-to-day tasks. The use of mobile EAM software is reshaping the way that we perform maintenance.

From eliminating travel time to providing more accurate, up-to-date information, mobile CMMS maintenance software offers numerous benefits. Maintenance departments that have implemented mobile CMMS software are generally highly satisfied and report results like improved productivity, reduced costs, reduced downtime and more. However, not all mobile maintenance management solutions are created equal. Below is a checklist for selecting mobile CMMS and EAM software for your organization.

Concise and Easy to Use

It’s important that mobile CMMS maintenance software be easy to use so that it gains acceptance from maintenance technicians and they actually put it to use. However, mobile CMMS software shouldn’t be so simple that it is limited in its capabilities.

Generates Work Orders and Work Requests

Any decent mobile option for EAM/CMMS software will allow users to create work orders and work requests. Utilizing their mobile devices, maintenance technicians can receive work orders without having to return to the maintenance shop and log into a computer. This allows for instant communication and quicker response times.

Inventory Management

Mobile software with CMMS inventory management capabilities allows maintenance technicians to record data about inventory received, perform counts and adjustments and automatically issue parts for work orders.

Barcoding Technology

Barcode labels eliminate the need for users to manually enter information into their mobile devices. This minimizes the amount of time that maintenance technicians spend on data entry as well as decreases errors.


Regular inspections maintain quality control and help organizations save money. Mobile CMMS software brings inspections to the mobile platform so that technicians can record data immediately when they are servicing a piece of equipment. This provides maintenance managers with more reliable and up-to-date meter readings, safety data, etc.

Today’s maintenance technicians have to cover more ground than ever before while continuing to be productive. Therefore, many maintenance managers upgrading their CMMS software are looking for mobile applications that meet the needs of maintenance technicians on the move. Mobile EAM/CMMS software enables maintenance technicians to take the functionality of desktop applications out into the field.

DPSI is a leading provider of maintenance management software and support services with clients in over 50 countries. Our mobile CMMS/EAM option, Maint Mobile, puts powerful features and critical information in the palm of your hand, eliminating paperwork and boosting productivity. For more information about DPSI’s mobile EAM/CMMS software, contact us today to set up a free software demo.