Maintenance technicians are on the move now more than ever before, so they need quick access to information about equipment and repairs to work productively. Mobile EAM software allows maintenance technicians to access this data on site without having to visit the office to pick up or drop off work orders or do other paperwork.

Mobile enterprise maintenance management software dramatically improves the efficiency of maintenance departments by allowing maintenance technicians and managers to stay in constant contact with each other. With mobile devices in hand, technicians can spend more time in the field maintaining equipment and fulfilling work orders. Meanwhile, maintenance managers can use their mobile devices to access real-time data, issue work orders, and immediately relay information to technicians.

How Mobile EAM Software Improves Productivity

Mobile enterprise maintenance management solutions improve your maintenance department’s reaction time and efficiency. Mobile software allows managers and technicians to communicate from different locations to update the status of work orders and verify the completion of jobs. Equipment failure can happen at any moment, including inconvenient times when maintenance managers are off site. Rather than force maintenance managers to return to their desks to access vital data and communicate with maintenance technicians, mobile maintenance management solutions allow managers to access their EAM system anytime, anywhere.

Tasks that maintenance technicians can perform in the field with the help of mobile EAM software include taking and recording readings, ordering parts, and closing work orders. The need for traveling to and from the office to input data and seek in-person approval is eliminated, so time spent creating and managing work orders is significantly reduced. Additional benefits of using mobile EAM software include the following:

  • Equipment – Collect performance data, take readings on various pieces of equipment, and send reports via your mobile device. Barcodes and QR codes can be affixed to equipment so that their entire history and upcoming maintenance schedules are easily accessible by scanning the codes.
  • Work orders – Mobile enterprise maintenance management software allows you to manage work orders on- or off-site. Work orders automatically download to the mobile devices of technicians, who can enter details about the work performed and close work orders from remote locations.
  • Inventory Management – By giving maintenance technicians access to inventory records in the field, mobile EAM software enables them to check parts inventory, issue spare parts, and update inventory records from their mobile devices.

Some organizations have been hesitant about adopting mobile technology for their EAM systems because maintenance technicians tend to be resistant to change and are often intimidated by new technologies. Moreover, organizations might be reluctant to make the investment required to equip their maintenance team with mobile devices.

According to a recent survey, only about 22% of maintenance management software users are using mobile technology. Although maintenance departments have been somewhat slow to embrace mobile solutions, those that have taken the plunge are quickly noticing the benefits. The majority of maintenance management tasks are performed in the field, so immediate mobile access to EAM software bridges the communication gap between managers and technicians while ensuring that the database remains up-to-date.

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