Considering a move to fleet maintenance software can be overwhelming due to the initial outlay of costs, not to mention the cost of changing processes. However, a closer consideration will show how the benefits far outweigh the cost of fleet maintenance software.

Gains of Time and Efficiency

Using fleet maintenance software results in improved efficiency in the maintenance management of your fleet. This is due to a reduction in the number of unscheduled maintenance requests, as well as having all maintenance records and applicable tools and materials at hand. This frees up time, focus, and resources to focus on other operational areas. It is common to see management teams become leaner as a result of implementing fleet management software.

Fleet Management Software Can Improve the Bottom Line

The benefits of fleet management software can improve your financial results in a number of practical ways.

  • Extend vehicle life. Fleet management software extends the usable life of all fleet vehicles by ensuring that preventive maintenance occurs on a regular and timely basis. The automated scheduling of maintenance also reduces the points of contact for any maintenance decision because all the information needed for maintenance is in a single place, at your fingertips. The cost savings of this vehicle life extension will vary based upon the asset type and usage, but proper maintenance can extend the life of a vehicle by 3 – 5 years or more, thereby extending the timeline for the purchase of new capital assets.
  • Reduce downtime. Downtime can have a major impact on any organization, and this is certainly true when managing a fleet. An unscheduled maintenance event can significantly reduce the short-term effectiveness of a given service line, based on the lack of available resources. However, the long-term impact of repeated downtime can be far more significant, in the form of a loss of business due to service failures. Well-implemented fleet maintenance software can conservatively reduce downtime up to 25% by identifying recurring equipment failures that may have previously been unnoticed, and appropriately scheduling for these maintenance needs.
  • More accurate staffing. Labor costs are a significant expense for any maintenance organization, and fleet management software provides management with the tools to schedule maintenance staff more precisely by delivering a comprehensive program preventive maintenance schedule. Many companies transitioning to fleet management software realize savings in labor costs greater than 10%.

The Automation of Fleet Maintenance is Powerful

The bottom line is that the cost of fleet maintenance software is worthwhile investment for a company of any size. Moving toward automation within your organization allows all your employees to focus on their greatest strengths, and it increases the bottom line for your company. Interested in learning more about our fleet maintenance software, iMaint Fleet? Sign up for a free trial or contact us for any other questions about the cost of fleet maintenance software.