DPSI User Group Conference

Attending the DPSI user group conference helps you better utilize your CMMS software and maximize your return on investment.

The DPSI User Group Conference (UGC) is a fun and engaging event that includes interactive sessions, breakout sessions, training sessions, presentations, and team-building activities. The UGC is designed to further participants’ understanding of our products, help them use our maintenance management software more effectively, and improve their maintenance operations. We emphasize a practical, hands-on approach and steer clear of sit-and-listen learning.

Participants leave the UGC with answers to their questions, ideas, and inspiration. The UGC also offers attendees the opportunity to meet and network with fellow users, as well as engage directly with the DPSI team and obtain constructive feedback. Over the years, the UGC has helped DPSI build an active, involved user base, which in turn has strengthened our line of products.

Here’s how our customers describe their experience with the UGC:

“DPSI is much more than a software company. I have felt that DPSI looks farther beyond the point of sale than any company I had encountered in my quest for a CMMS product upgrade. This is not only reflected in the Users Group Conference, but also in the… Users Advisory Board. It is apparent that DPSI is a partner in our business as it is with all businesses who have your product.”

John Girouex, Decore-ative Specialties

“Attending my first DPSI conference, I was impressed by how professionally it was arranged. All of the topics covered in the individual classes were relevant and the open forum framework was especially helpful. Since I am a relative newcomer to the maintenance software world, I feel I benefited more from the open forum framework of the classes than a traditional lecture format. “

Eric Jones, Orlando Utilities Commission

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