Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software can significantly improve your organization. Some of the major benefits of EAM software include enhanced productivity, automated maintenance management, centralized data and reduced costs. However, it’s important to choose the ideal EAM provider in order to maximize your return on investment (ROI). The following are considerations you should take to select the best EAM software.

Assess Your Company’s Needs

First and foremost, it’s imperative to identify the highest priorities for your EAM software. Consider factors such as interface requirements, security needs, desired reporting and more. Keep in mind your core business goals when prioritizing your list of needs. Determine if, and how, each item on your list will help your company accomplish its goals. Many organizations do not realize the full potential of their EAM systems by neglecting this critical first step. Prior to purchasing software, research the vendor’s software features and capabilities to ensure they align with your needs.

Obtain User Input

There’s no greater feedback than that of the actual people that will utilize EAM software in their daily routines. Many organizations make the rookie mistake of discussing software selection with members of upper management only. Executives often evaluate options based on highest cost savings. But investing in a competitively priced solution that doesn’t meet the expectations of your employees is money down the drain. There are many methods of gaining user input including surveys, focus groups and employee observation. Including users in your company’s Request for Proposal (RFP) team is also a great way to obtain valuable feedback regarding software needs.

Think About the Future

It’s important to select an EAM software solution that enables future expansion. As your organization grows and changes, you may consider whether a system is fit for long-term use. Software vendors should be able to share key pieces of information related to their products that will help you make an informed decision. The ability to easily roll-out an existing EAM system from one location to others is a critical factor when it comes to business expansion.

Research Training Offered

Evaluating the various types of training resources available to your employees is an important step in making the best EAM software selection. These may include on-site training, classes offered at your vendor’s location, virtual learning and access to existing online courses. Consider any resources included in your purchase as well as pricing of additional training.

Take into account continuing education opportunities in addition to initial training. New employees and new product releases may introduce the need for refreshers. The ability to create a customized training plan for your organization is ideal; gauge whether or not this is possible for each of your EAM software contenders.

Consider Mobile Applications

It’s no longer practical for maintenance professionals to rely on clipboards and paperwork for completing their job duties. The best EAM software providers provide easy-to-use mobile applications that meet the needs of technicians on the go. More than that, they must enable many of the same core functions of desktop versions on mobile devices. Ensure that mobile apps offer the ability to generate work orders and work requests, manage inventory, scan barcodes and record data out in the field.

iMaint: Easy-to-Use EAM Software

iMaint is a reliable and user-friendly enterprise asset management system with a proven track record of centralizing data and automating maintenance management. This invaluable, robust system has improved operations for a variety of manufacturing, facility and fleet maintenance organizations. Available as an on-premise or cloud hosted software solution, iMaint can be customized to fit the needs of any organization. iMaint mobile also makes it easy for maintenance professionals to complete an array of tasks on the go. Contact DPSI today to learn more about the best EAM software for your business, or to schedule a live demonstration of iMaint in use.

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