DPSI is pleased to announce the release of PMC 6.3, the latest version of our CMMS software designed for optimal preventive maintenance for manufacturing and facilities.  This latest release adds new functionality to the existing product that already includes flexible scheduling for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly PMs, a ribbon interface with access to the Main MenuPal, security interface with options for assigning group level access and permissions, and export parameters allowing schedules and reports to be saved, retrieved and scheduled as needed using an Outlook Task.

New features for Scheduling, Work Orders, Inventory, Purchase Orders and Reports are included in PMC 6.3.  These features provide the PMC Administrator more ability to allow or restrict individual functions using PMC Security, changes in the display options for work orders, additional right mouse functionality, new reports, and much more.  For more information on our PMC 6.3 CMMS software, or an evaluation copy of the software, contact sales@dpsi.com or call (800) 897-7233.