Facility managers can experience the highest level of success working with an outside contractor by taking several factors into consideration. Developing a Statement of Work (SOW), for example, makes it easier to determine how an outside contractor is performing. This will also help facility managers set a standard and compile information for future contractors.

The following excerpt originally appeared on FacilityExecutive.com, and is authored by DPSI professional services consultant Robert Brieck.

“A SOW will provide both the organization and its contractors with the foundation for the contract in addition to a document that serves as a means to evaluate the contractors’ performance. Language contained in the SOW should be clear and concise, yet sufficient enough to cover the following topics:

  • Manager: Identify the individual the contractor reports to in addition to individuals who may direct the contractor
  • Location: Provide a location where the work will be performed, and be as specific as possible to eliminate any potential confusion
  • Scope of Work: Provide a description of the work to be completed
  • Schedule: Include a timeframe that depicts when work should start and finish, incorporating:
    • Milestones and indicators of what should be completed and when
    • ‘Drop dead date’ or last possible date on which project must be completed
    • Appropriate consequences for missing deadlines
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Service-Level Expectations: Present clear objectives used to measure success
  • Deliverables: Generate list of things that will be produced as a result of the contract work being done; could include specific documents such as submittals for approvals and parts
  • Equipment/Supplies: Outline individuals responsible for supplying equipment and materials; specify materials desired
  • Facilities: Detail any facilities the contractor may use including parking, access, copiers, restrooms, etc.
  • Reports: Outline types of reports to be furnished, individuals responsible for providing report, recipients of reports, dates reports should be provided, and desired formatting
  • Pay Rate: Provide a pay rate, typically at an hourly or a time and material value; include the approximate length of time expected to be involved
  • Total Funds: Include a maximum expenditure for the project/work which should not be exceeded
  • Payment Terms: Outline payment terms that compensate only for milestones achieved with supporting documents and deliverables

These topics, at a minimum, should be included in a SOW to help ensure success. It’s also important to include both non-collusion and damages statements. Damages may be compensatory, consequential, liquidated or punitive damages, if necessary. Finally, address documents required to prove citizenship and the ability to work in a specified facility. Once developed and discussed with the short-term worker/contractor, both parties should sign the Statement of Work.” …

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