If maintenance managers wrote to Santa, what do you think they’d ask for? Zero downtime or the achievement of total productive maintenance (TPM), perhaps? Although these goals are attainable, many maintenance managers would be perfectly content making a few, simple improvements. Read on to learn five realistic maintenance goals that can be easily achieved utilizing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

1. Reduce Downtime

Maintenance departments often struggle with the ability to reduce unplanned downtime. Preventive maintenance (PM) plays a huge role in preventing equipment failures before they occur, but it can be difficult to implement a successful PM program without the right tools. CMMS software gives users the ability to create unique PM schedules for an unlimited number of assets. It’s also possible to store each piece of equipment’s complete history, enabling management to more easily make decisions related to replacement. Taking proper care of assets and replacing equipment at the right time leads to increased reliability and decreased downtime.

2. Eliminate Paperwork and Maintenance Spreadsheets

Sometimes it’s difficult to make changes—doing things the same way is comfortable and easy. Business leaders sometimes possess this mindset, which results in outdated processes and a loss of company dollars. Relying on hard copy work orders and countless spreadsheets to manage maintenance is no longer sustainable, or necessary, for that matter. CMMS software gives users the ability to store all maintenance-related information from a centralized database, eliminating the need to store hard copies in file cabinets. And aside from a complete work order management system, there are numerous capabilities within CMMS systems that no spreadsheet could ever provide.

3. Optimize Spare Parts Inventory

Keeping an inventory dedicated to support maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) programs is critical for many companies. Maintaining an optimal quantity of spare parts needed for repairs is among the most challenging maintenance goals, however. Too few parts could result in running out sooner than anticipated, paving the way for equipment downtime. Too many parts leads to overstocking, which wastes money and eats up MRO budgets in no time. CMMS software helps ensure maintenance departments have the parts they need when they need them, without an excess. For example, users may set up parameters within their CMMS to automatically reorder a specific quantity of the part on hand when the inventory level drops below a certain threshold.

4. Increase Productivity

In today’s modern workforce, maintenance departments must embrace mobile technology to enhance productivity levels. Technicians move from one location to another, requiring access to information on multiple assets, facilities or fleets. Mobile CMMS gives users the ability to retrieve pertinent maintenance data, work requests, work orders and more. Maintenance technicians can perform an array of duties on the go utilizing mobile applications, eliminating the need to access their CMMS on a desktop computer. Time that would normally be spent traveling to and from an office can be utilized to complete more productive job duties.

5. Maximize CMMS Return on Investment (ROI)

Earlier this year, Industry Week published an article that describes a successful corporation that used its robust CMMS almost exclusively for work orders. Powerful capabilities like downtime tracking, performance dashboards, reporting, planning and equipment reliability tracking weren’t being utilized. The article suggests that improving the utilization of existing maintenance systems, like CMMS, can play a significant role in achieving total productive maintenance. And while that may be true, users can’t simply begin using their CMMS system to its fullest extent if they aren’t educated on how to use advanced features. Investing in CMMS software training is a sure-fire way to maximize its efficiency and overall ROI.

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