Has your team recently implemented a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or enterprise asset management (EAM) software? Do you want to optimize your current CMMS, train new users or improve processes? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then your company can benefit from CMMS remote training sessions.

Brief History of CMMS/EAM Software

Computerized maintenance management systems were first introduced in the 1960s as a means to manage work orders. CMMS has evolved over the last 60 years and includes features aimed to monitor assets and inventory levels, generate reports and schedule preventive maintenance. EAM software is an enterprise solution capable of managing an unlimited number of equipment and assets spanning multiple locations. Learning more about the differences between CMMS and EAM software is recommended before purchasing a system.

Software Deployment Options

Traditional and more basic CMMS software is typically installed on-premise, or directly on company computers and server equipment. Advanced maintenance management solutions and EAM software are usually offered as a cloud-hosted solution, meaning that the software provider hosts and maintains the software on their own servers. Company users simply login to their software online and access their unique interfaces utilizing network access or the internet.

DPSI offers EAM software as either a cloud-hosted solution or an on-premise solution. Customers can choose to purchase iMaint EAM/CMMS software for a higher up-front cost and install on their own equipment. Alternatively, customers can opt to pay a monthly fee for iMaint based on the number of locations/users. Companies may even choose iMaint on-premise with a private cloud option.

CMMS Software Training

Regardless of what type of maintenance management software you purchase and what deployment method was used, it’s imperative to train software users. Proper CMMS software training provides end users with detailed instructions and guidance on proper methods of entering and processing CMMS data.

As briefly mentioned above, there are many reasons to book online CMMS training sessions. To take it a step further, we have listed out possible scenarios in which CMMS training would prove highly beneficial.

  • New CMMS/EAM purchase
  • Upgraded software
  • New software integration implemented
  • Added new users
  • Follow-up training after CMMS/EAM audit performed
  • Train additional users to backup software champion
  • Learn how to utilize CMMS/EAM features that you are not currently using

Adapting to a New Normal

Companies simply cannot afford to put off CMMS software training. As on-site training sessions and in-person workshops have been put on hold, remote CMMS training methods have flourished. Technology enables professional services to reach audiences from anywhere in the world with audio, video and screen-sharing features. There are ample opportunities for companies to take advantage of in today’s world. Previously-recorded video tutorials on major CMMS/EAM features are extremely helpful. Webinars can also provide useful information on various CMMS topics.

To gain first-hand knowledge of specific CMMS/EAM features or functionality, online training is the best option. Many maintenance management software providers, including DPSI, now offer all of their training courses remotely. It doesn’t matter how basic or advanced the software, individuals need to learn how to implement and navigate the system to ensure proper use. Topics may include training for administrators on initial system setup and configuration, as well as end user training for day-to-day usage. Additional training may be needed for options such as software integrations, maintenance dashboard, mobile CMMS and more.

Remote training sessions may be new to some, but DPSI’s professional CMMS services team is understanding and patient. Training attendees can rest assured they’ll receive quality training along with the utmost respect for staff navigating new technology. To participate in our web-based training sessions, attendees need a computer with internet access and a telephone to use our toll-free conference line. After logging in using our remote control software, attendees have a real-time view of their instructor’s screen. It’s possible to ask questions and request that an instructor remotely access your computer for further support.

Is your company holding off purchasing CMMS/EAM software due to reasons related to COVID? We understand this has been a challenging time for many, and our sales team is happy to assist in any way we can. DPSI can provide information about our products and services along with resources on CMMS/EAM return on investment (ROI) for upper management. Book a live CMMS/EAM demo to learn more about our solutions.

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