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Bermuda Government Success Story: Overview

The Bermuda government utilizes iMaint on a daily basis in various agencies including Public Transportation, Port Services and Fire & Rescue. Read on to learn more about the Bermuda government CMMS success story.

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Bermuda. Just the word conjures up images of pristine beaches, crystal clear water and gentle breezes. Beneath the tranquil tourist visualizations lie the complex and routine activities that maintain any infrastructure, with the added dimension of Bermuda being isolated in the vast Atlantic Ocean.

The Challenge: Integrated Maintenance Management

As an island nation, Bermuda needs to be more self-sufficient than most cities, counties or states in the US. With the purchase of iMaint in 1990, Bermuda Department of Public Transportation began a journey towards constructive control of infrastructure maintenance. Using the online version of iMaint on a Bermuda-hosted server, other government departments have since joined in using this software for their maintenance needs.

Five agencies from all over the island can log in and use their CMMS system. They have fully implemented iMaint and use all modules, including preventive maintenance tracking, parts management, barcode, fleet fueling, and reports for each agency. Agencies ranging from Public Transportation to Port Services to Fire & Rescue use iMaint on a daily basis. Inventory is one area that is crucial for maintenance, since a replacement part can’t be easily and quickly obtained from another facility or vendor that is not on the island. Maintaining accurate physical counts, as well as using min/max requirement helps control downtime due to inventory issues.

As maintenance needs have been identified, iMaint has grown to accommodate them. Using the Work Requester module, users can submit maintenance requests from any location and iMaint can send email alerts, including pictures and documents in response. In the case of Public Transportation, drivers report issues to the garage using the Web Work Requester. As buses are taken out of service, dispatch knows immediately which buses are available and which ones are not. DPSI’s Professional Services team helped Bermuda create custom Dashboards that provide a real time view to simplify this process.

The Integrator module allows iMaint and other software systems to communicate, enabling better management decisions with faster, up-to-date and more accurate information. This also reduces time-wasting data input and unnecessary paper processes being shuffled between departments. Bermuda Government is in the process of evaluating the integration of their JD Edwards ERP system with iMaint to further improve parts tracking, costing, and symmetry between two different systems.

Finding maintenance trends can be difficult when reviewing work orders from week to week, but the Dashboard module makes trends apparent and allows quick access to detailed information for better informed decision-making. Read more about how the Department of Public Transportation implemented Dashboard to track necessary data to keep their fleet of buses operational.

The Solution: Track Data in Real Time

Bermuda Department of Public Transportation is responsible for the maintenance and operation of their bus fleet to provide safe and effective transportation. They needed a method to track in real time what buses were available for dispatch, to track repair requests, and track the status of repairs. Using iMaint Dashboard, they are able to see what buses are available with a custom component that looks to see if there are any open work requests or work orders for a particular unit. Only buses deemed “In Service” are available for dispatch. When work requests are submitted to the maintenance shop, this same dashboard shows them what unprocessed work requests need attention. Management can see how many open work orders the maintenance shop has and how long the work order has been open along with the status of the work order. The iMaint Dashboard feature keeps their entire operation up-to-date on the status of each vehicle in real time.

The maintenance shop has a large monitor displaying Dashboard on the shop floor. This display allows all shop employees to see the status of the work order and new requests that have been sent from the dispatch team. The mechanics also use this monitor to enter feedback on their open work orders through a centralized login.

The dispatch group has a monitor on the wall in the office. They not only have Dashboard displayed to show what buses are available, but also have the web work requester form open on the same display for submitting work requests to the maintenance shop. Management personnel have the same Dashboard displayed on their computers to see the current status of all buses and work being performed.

iMaint has allowed Bermuda infrastructure agencies to handle their maintenance in an efficient and effective way.

Contact DPSI for additional questions regarding the Bermuda government CMMS case study, or to learn how real-time reporting tools available within iMaint could streamline communication throughout your facility.

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