Although there are some organizations that seem to get by with manual maintenance tracking systems, planning for maintenance activities typically requires the use of preventive maintenance software. Maintenance managers seeking to strike a balance between cost and profit should implement preventive maintenance software.

Maintenance departments are among the first to experience budget cuts during challenging economic times since they are often viewed as cost centers rather than departments that add value. That perception is gradually changing, however, thanks in part to the benefits of preventive maintenance software.

When you implement preventive maintenance software and use it properly, organizations experience a number of tangible and intangible benefits. Intangible benefits include increased employee and customer morale, improved processes, and better decision-making. If you’re trying to quantify the cost savings that preventive maintenance software could bring your organization, however, it is more important to consider the software’s tangible benefits.

Increase Labor Productivity

One of the most significant tangible benefits of using maintenance software is increased labor productivity. Maintenance management software enables maintenance staff to become more productive by eliminating paperwork and manual tracking activities and helping them stay organized. Software for maintenance management provides maintenance technicians with all of the information they need to complete scheduled maintenance tasks without delay, such as a list of the parts and tools needed to completed the job, service histories, and procedures. Preventive maintenance software also lowers training costs because it reduces the learning curve for new maintenance technicians. Generally speaking, the number of work orders that each maintenance technician completes increases dramatically after CMMS or EAM implementation.

Extend the Life of Equipment

Any piece of equipment that requires maintenance will last longer if preventive maintenance procedures are followed. When you maintain equipment properly, it doesn’t have to be replaced as frequently. Preventive maintenance software allows you to automatically assign repetitive preventive maintenance tasks according to a defined schedule. It also monitors trends and highlights the causes of equipment failure and unscheduled repairs. By extending the life of equipment, maintenance software helps you achieve cost savings.

Decrease Equipment Downtime

Having equipment that is up and running efficiently can dramatically improve your organization’s overall effectiveness. By scheduling preventive maintenance according to each equipment manufacturer’s specifications, maintenance software helps reduce downtime and ensure that machinery continues to function properly. If equipment breakdown does occur, though unlikely, maintenance software provides maintenance technicians with the pertinent information needed to complete the job as quickly as possible.

Preventive maintenance software is an essential tool for running an efficient maintenance department because it automates most of the functions performed by maintenance staff and management. Capabilities of DPSI’s CMMS/EAM software include work order generation, tracking of maintenance activities, historical tracking of all work orders, real-time reporting of ongoing work activity, and so much more. Contact DPSI today to set up a free trial or request more information about how to implement preventive maintenance software!

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