DPSI is pleased to announce the latest release of its flagship CMMS software, PMC version 7.2. Used by thousands of customers in both the United States and internationally, PMC provides a comprehensive solution to the management of maintenance operations.

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can simplify work order management, reduce parts inventory, and extend asset life. PMC is a leading CMMS designed specifically for maintenance as a best-of-breed solution. It’s easy for maintenance technicians to learn and use, yet robust enough to encompass the full spectrum of maintenance activities to help stay on top of preventive maintenance. At the heart of PMC is a complete work order generation, management, and reporting system that effortlessly handles an unlimited quantity of work orders and allows you to quickly review work orders for your selected due dates. PMC also boasts a centralized purchasing system, extensive inventory control system, and comprehensive reports and graphs module.

DPSI prides itself on consistently improving products based on customer feedback. Prior to each software release, customers provide input on enhancements they’d like to see added and then vote on which features will be included. Unparalleled customer service combined with industry-leading CMMS software sets DPSI apart from other providers. We’re big enough to provide you with solutions that meet your organization’s needs, yet small enough to remember your name and deliver service with a personal touch. Contact DPSI to find out more about our products and services.