Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) makes it easy for maintenance managers to automate specific tasks and stay on top of all maintenance jobs. However, it can sometimes be a burden to implement software due to high upfront costs and IT challenges. Luckily, cloud-based CMMS software enables maintenance managers to access all features without installing the software on their computers.

Get Straight to Work

iMaint is a enterprise asset management (EAM) system, offered as a cloud-based online system, that automates maintenance scheduling and allows user to perform an array of tasks. But unlike an on-premise EAM system, maintenance managers enjoy faster initial setup and implementation. Users simply login to access Work Orders, Work Requests, Scheduling, Assets, Parts & Inventory, Purchasing, Projects, Reports & Graphs, Cost Tracking & Budgeting, and Labor & Craft Management. Maintenance managers save the time and energy of coordinating with IT departments to ensure proper system requirements, hardware configuration, installation and set-up. iMaint online users can begin using the system within hours.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

With Internet access being the only type of system requirement needed, it’s possible for maintenance professionals to take advantage of their cloud-based EAM at any point in time from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone—cloud users enjoy the freedom of being able to work on whatever device that’s most convenient for them. Providers host the software, manage databases and monitor system performance on an ongoing basis. This ensures users the ability to access their data, manage maintenance tasks efficiently and view real-time updates to work orders from any location on their preferred device.

Lower Costs

By taking advantage of cloud-based CMMS software, companies save money in a variety of ways. Eliminating the need to install software on machines greatly reduces initial investment and total cost of ownership (TCO). Since cloud CMMS systems are hosted as part of your provider’s services, it’s not necessary to spend money on server hardware, licensing and network configuration. Not to mention a much lower likelihood of employee time spent on the phone with customer support. The liability of maintaining the software rests on your provider’s shoulders, not your company’s. If your computer crashes, you won’t lose data stored on that machine—backups are included in your monthly subscription fee.

Automatic Updates

With iMaint online, your software will always be current with the latest features, fixes and security updates. There is no need to manually check software installed on your computer for updates, as is the case with many business applications. Your provider continually resolves any system issues as they arise in addition to maintaining backups and upgrades.

Safe and Secure

At DPSI, it’s our utmost priority to protect your assets. Rest assured we partner with a reliable data center to back up your data and perform system maintenance as needed. Our software is monitored at all times and housed on multiple servers, making it more reliable and available to users. Cloud CMMS systems are also less likely to be affected by viruses compared to on-premise software solutions since there is no local data.

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