Schools and universities can host hundreds to thousands of individuals each day. And from classrooms and offices to cafeterias and restrooms, there are many facilities and buildings to maintain. Not to mention critical equipment and systems such as HVAC, alarms, sprinklers and more. Ensuring everything is in working order is crucial so that schools and universities can not only function, but also keep students, faculty, staff and visitors safe. Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) for schools helps accomplish these critical goals. There a number of CMMS software benefits for schools and universities.

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CMMS Software Benefits for Schools:

Manage Work Orders More Efficiently

Due to the number of facilities and equipment, school and university maintenance departments typically process a high volume of work orders each day. CMMS software provides a computerized database for work requests, helping staff determine priority levels for work orders. They can easily generate, assign, schedule, update and close work orders from a single, centralized system.

Perform Maintenance on the Go with Mobile CMMS

With maintenance technicians often on the move from one location to the next, it’s not always feasible to visit the office between jobs. Mobile CMMS solutions give staff the ability to manage work orders, access important information such as work histories, and perform other maintenance-related tasks from their fingertips.

Increase Staff Productivity

The ability to keep track of all maintenance information and tasks from one central system is extremely beneficial for employees. It enhances communication, making it easy to update one another on progress or status of work orders. Maintenance software also makes it possible to eliminate paperwork and many processes that were previously done manually. This frees up staff time, paving the way for more productive job duties.

Maintain Assets and Increase Lifecycle

Facilities and equipment require regular attention to remain in working order. Performing maintenance tasks on a routine basis is the key component of a preventive maintenance program. This helps eliminate unnecessary breakdowns in addition to extending overall lifecycle. When a piece of equipment is properly maintained, it will last longer. Likewise, when facilities are well-kept, they’re more likely to be occupied for longer periods of time.

Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Standards

There are important regulations many schools must adhere to, such as government standards needed to maintain funding. Storing and organizing necessary files is a breeze with computerized maintenance management software for schools and universities. It’s simple to access and send requested records to the right organizations and individuals to ensure compliance.

Enhance Safety for Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors

In today’s world, safety is the number one priority for schools. CMMS software helps maintenance departments make sure classrooms, dorm rooms, administrative offices, fitness centers and other key campus locations are safe for use. Staff can quickly access inspection records, perform preventive maintenance and other tasks that keep facilities and equipment running smoothly. The result is increased safety for all.

DPSI has a long history of providing easy-to-use, flexible and scalable maintenance software for schools and universities. Our on-premise and online maintenance management software helps you accomplish the goal of providing the best educational environment possible. Learn more about CMMS software benefits for schools by contacting us for additional information.

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