After you’ve purchased computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), your work is done. Implementation will be a breeze, all users will quickly learn the system and your organization will begin reaping benefits immediately. Although this scenario is possible, it’s very unlikely. Companies that carve out ample time for CMMS training typically experience the most success with their software.

Training enhances the value of your CMMS software by maximizing its efficiency. Just as properly trained employees usually flourish more than their counterparts, a CMMS operated by sufficiently trained users works more effectively than one without. Maintenance software can provide great benefits such as decreasing equipment downtime, ensuring compliance, increasing productivity, controlling costs and extending asset lifecycle. However, data must be entered and processed into a CMMS system consistently in order for an organization to see these benefits. Training provides end users with detailed instructions and guidance on proper methods of entering and processing CMMS data.

Most reputable CMMS or enterprise asset management (EAM) software vendors offer a variety of training options. On-site training, which takes place at an organization’s physical location, can be extremely beneficial. On-site training sessions enable large groups of users, oftentimes each employee that will utilize the CMMS, to learn how to use the system and engage in important conversations. Group training sessions provide an opportunity for users to establish best practices, such as CMMS naming conventions. It allows everyone to get on the same page and opens the door for discussions such as proper workflow, including what roles and responsibilities each user has. This helps build consistency within the CMMS, making it possible for users to retrieve correct information regarding each asset and perform essential maintenance. Although on-site sessions may be more costly than other training methods, they can provide valuable outcomes.

Web-based CMMS or EAM software training is a viable option for many organizations due to convenience. Pre-recorded training videos that can be accessed online may be included with CMMS software purchases. Software trainers may also conduct web-based training for customers with specific needs or questions. Customized online training such as this may be an additional expense, but could prove as a more cost-effective solution compared to on-site training.

CMMS software companies may also offer workshops at their headquarters. Workshops may be tailored for individual customers’ needs, or more generalized sessions may take place at regular intervals. Furthermore, many software vendors conduct annual events or user conferences to continually engage customers. Even if your organization’s users have participated in all relevant training available, something new can always be learned from a fellow user. Events such as user conferences and webinars provide opportunities for networking and exchanging success stories, challenges and unique uses of the software. This exchange of ideas provides valuable feedback that may benefit other companies and individual users.

A CMMS/EAM software purchase will not be considered a valuable purchase if its poorly implemented or utilized in an inconsistent manner. Providing adequate CMMS training for users helps organizations maximize their return on investment. DPSI, a provider of industry-leading computerized maintenance management systems and enterprise asset management software, offers on-site and web-based CMMS software training in addition to workshops at our corporate headquarters. Our customers also have access to educational resources, webinars and ongoing user group conference events where they learn how to get more out of their software purchases. Contact us to learn about our unique approach.

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