Facility managers have many responsibilities. They must meet customer demands, which may mean dealing with the public, as well as manage the personnel who run and maintain the facility. The most successful way to handle this responsibility in an efficient and productive manner is through proper organization. Using computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) helps streamline processes and resolve facility maintenance challenges.

Cost Management

Every demand that is placed on a facility has a cost associated with it. This ranges from the hiring of staff, repairs and maintenance, inventory and supplies, as well as safety and security. Modules within CMMS software track cost expenditures, including detailed historical analysis, to allow for proper administrative reporting and reduction of operational costs.

Operations and Time Management

When maintenance operations are highly organized, maintenance staff can be more productive as information is available at their fingertips. A CMMS system provides the ability to create any type of scheduled maintenance activity, including repair of all types of equipment, the physical facility as well as grounds. Once jobs are planned, work orders are automatically generated for any time period including information such as craft/labor needed, time estimated for completion, priority, parts needed and detailed job steps, including safety instructions. Corrective work orders can also be created as issues are reported. A wealth of information is available for management dashboards and reporting by any type of criteria. For example, this information can highlight problems like areas of the facility with recurring issues and high maintenance costs.

Vendor and Inventory Management

The inventory management module within a CMMS system provides the capability to track all necessary information for inventory parts, supplies and more. Vendors and outside contractors can be set up including all items they supply, last quoted price and lead times. If multiple vendors supply the same item, then price and lead time can be factored into a planned purchase, cutting down on cost or lead time. Many parts and supplies will need to be kept in inventory, while some expensive or seldom used items can be special ordered. Tracking them in a CMMS system allows for inventory to be linked into the work order module to forecast upcoming needs based on time period, insuring inventory is available when needed. Once reorder points are defined, Requisition and Purchase can be created, providing a closed loop system for tracking, ordering, receiving and issuing of inventory. Periodic physical inventory counting is also available to sync items in the store rooms to items in the CMMS. Tracking vendors and inventory within CMMS software saves time and money.

Resource Management

Among facility maintenance challenges is the need to rely on many resources to operate the facility efficiently. This includes both full and part-time staff. It also requires different types of service providers. The resource management segment of the CMMS allows for resource tracking including contact information, skills and certifications, and availability so they can be scheduled as needed. This is linked to the work order module so that upcoming resource needs can be forecasted.

Safety and Security Management

Safety and security are perhaps the most important facility maintenance challenges of all. Tracking all safety and security-related jobs and equipment is imperative for regulatory and insurance purposes as well as the safety and security of all customers or guests who use the facility. Having this information organized and readily accessible within a CMMS system ensures these critical jobs are completed when needed, and that history is available for all reporting purposes.  

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