Maintain equipment, minimize downtime, meet production demands, manage inventory levels, monitor staff productivity, comply with regulatory standards, etc. etc. The list of maintenance demands in a manufacturing plant is nearly impossible to meet without the help of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). Manufacturing CMMS software automates the process of maintaining assets to help simplify operations, maximize uptime and control costs.

Many manufacturing plants are relying on outdated systems or maintenance spreadsheets to keep tabs on their equipment and other important aspects of production. In doing so, they run the risk of premature equipment failure, production lags, increased downtime and, ultimately, the loss of business. Consequently, competitors utilizing modern manufacturing CMMS software are more successful.

Computerized maintenance management software for manufacturers typically offer a wealth of features, including:

Preventive Maintenance

Since manufacturing equipment typically requires a significant financial investment, it’s important to keep that equipment running optimally for as long as possible. Transitioning from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance helps manufacturers avoid equipment breakdown and failure. Utilizing CMMS software is one of the most effective ways to develop a preventive maintenance strategy, as it enables automated scheduling of preventive maintenance tasks. Furthermore, it provides easy access to equipment history, repairs, list of required spare parts, warranty information and more for each asset. CMMS software helps manufacturers maximize ROI and extend equipment life cycles by providing a means to successfully implement a preventive maintenance strategy.

Cost Tracking and Budgeting

Maintenance management software allows users to develop project budgets, analyze costs and track maintenance-related accounts. This feature within CMMS software makes it simple to organize financial data by fiscal period and perform extensive budget analysis. Using these tools, maintenance managers can more accurately generate financial forecasts and pinpoint inefficiencies that resulted in overspending. This leads to better financial planning, paving the way for increased profits.

Reports and Dashboards

Data mining through the use of CMMS reports and dashboards helps organizations make smarter asset management decisions. Maintenance software collects important information related to key performance indicators (KPIs), helping an organization keep tabs on critical areas that affect their business the most. This makes it simple for maintenance managers to spot trends, identify areas for improvement and provide updates to upper management. Accurate and reliable maintenance management reporting leads to more informed decision-making and enhanced productivity.

Mobile Access

Most reputable manufacturing CMMS software providers offer mobile access to users, giving them the ability to access important data related to equipment, facilities and employees while on the go. Using a tablet or smartphone, technicians can complete an array of maintenance tasks such as creating and managing work orders, generating work requests, record asset meter updates, perform inventory control functions and more. With maintenance managers and technicians often out on the plant floor, mobile access is a key feature that many manufacturers require out of a CMMS solution.

CMMS systems, such as iMaint enterprise asset management software, gives manufacturers a competitive advantage. From one simple, easy-to-use system, users can complete the following maintenance tasks:

  • Automatically Generate Work Orders
  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance
  • Manage Inventory
  • Establish Budgets/Cost Analysis
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Issue Purchase Requests
  • Monitor Staff Productivity
  • Track Maintenance Costs & History
  • Run Custom Reports, Graphs & Dashboards
  • And More

The overwhelming number of benefits, capabilities and features that computerized maintenance management software provides for manufacturers begs the question: Can you really afford NOT to purchase a CMMS? To learn more about how iMaint can help grow your business, schedule a free manufacturing CMMS software demo.

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