CMMS Project Planning

DPSI has assisted customers with CMMS Project Planning for many years and has the expertise to simplify this process. Our experienced project managers work with your team to identify the most critical areas affecting your organization.

Our Strategy

Our most important goal is to ensure that you get the most value out of your Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software. We’ll help you maximize your return on investment, while avoiding common pitfalls that can sidetrack a successful roll-out. We will discuss the characteristics of a successful CMMS system, define how to use your software in the most efficient manner and develop a Project Plan with you that will become your implementation road map.

Project Plans are developed specifically to meet your requirements and include a timeline with solution-oriented milestones:

  • Define your maintenance organization and core business goals

  • Identify interface requirements

  • Define system configuration requirements

  • Identify security and reporting needs

  • Learn the importance of data standards for accurate reporting and data mining

  • Identify which master tables will need to be populated such as assets, employee lists, planned maintenance schedules and procedures, parts lists, etc.

  • Identify how data will be entered: imported from existing system or manually gathered and entered

  • Define timeline and who will be responsible for each area of implementation

Customer Success Stories

Browse our customer success stories to learn how the combination of our CMMS software and experienced project management team have helped numerous organizations resolve critical maintenance challenges, maximize ROI and achieve operational success.


Bermuda Government

Bermuda government agencies like Public Transportation, Fire & Rescue and Port Services utilize iMaint on a daily basis to maintain infrastructure. Learn more.


John Soules Foods

John Soules Foods is committed to processing quality foods, utilizing iMaint to keep their maintenance procedures on track and provide the necessary audit trail.


S&D Coffee

After utilizing PMC for several years, successful coffee manufacturer S & D Coffee upgraded to iMaint to handle maintenance and asset management for their growing operations.

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