Guide to Facility Management

The facility managers from areas as diverse as education to hospitality face a wide range of challenges that proper maintenance management needs to address to handle their responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner.

How can CMMS software improve Facility Management?

Some common problems facing facility maintenance managers include:

  • Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Safety Issues and Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Security
  • Profitability
  • Post Pandemic SOPs

While these are all big concerns, they can be efficiently addressed and controlled with a quality CMMS software. A computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) is comprised of several different modules that provide the solutions for these challenges.

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CMMS for Asset and Maintenance Management

CMMS software creates a structured maintenance program which can be set up on-premise, in the cloud or online. Modules allow for the assigning of tasks that can be tracked from beginning to end. Tasks can include detailed procedures that outline exactly how the task should be performed and what inventory is needed. These tasks can be performed with regularity – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or some other individualized schedule – so that no maintenance is overlooked or neglected. This type of preventative maintenance records who did what task when and cuts down on repairs.

CMMS Safety Issues and Compliance

CMMS software has gained recognition for being able to help facility maintenance managers comply with safety issues. It does this through the automation of the routine maintenance tasks that are performed as preventative maintenance. This organizing and automating of maintenance tasks ensures that all assets are kept up to par and are compliant with the regulations pertaining to them. The CMMS software generates the scheduling and provides the reports and documentation to confirm the organization or facility is following through with appropriate maintenance. By having a computerized maintenance management software, you ensure that a safe environment is being created for staff, customers and visitors.

CMMS for Reporting

A facility maintenance manager’s role is not limited to the operational tasks, it also involves administrative duties, and time reporting which is daunting and time consuming. CMMS software has a complete reporting system that generates comprehensive reports. These reports can be used for forecasting and decision making.

CMMS for Security

The data collected and compiled by facility maintenance managers is critically important to the functionality of the business or facility. Not only does important data need to be protected, but the facility itself and all staff and employees may be a part of the security protocol and should only be accessed by authorized personnel. Each of these levels of security can be addressed with a CMMS system. Data integrity is ensured as security is designed to allow only those who are granted permission access or use. Physical security is provided by a safe environment ensured when proper maintenance tasks and procedures are continuously executed.

CMMS Scales Up Profitability

When the facility maintenance department operates at full capacity, this may scale up the profitability of the organization or company. By addressing concerns such as the maintenance operational needs it ensures that work is being completed. It enhances the productivity of the staff, which in turn leads to a greater efficiency with the end results being higher profits.

By allowing for the scheduling, tracking and reporting of all sectors of maintenance management it acts as a preventative in many different ways. Scheduled maintenance helps to prevent the breakdown of assets. CMMS helps to quickly identify when small repairs are needed preventing bigger repairs at higher costs.

The various components of the CMMS software allow for better operational efficiency which, in turn, reduces costs. It allows for the property tracking of inventory, and prevents the ordering of unnecessary items, while also preventing back orders which can slow down productivity.

When the entire maintenance management responsibilities are fully met, CMMS helps optimize the customer experience, which generates more profit for the company on the whole. Customers want to patronize a facility or facility that is clean, well maintained and meets their expectations. By using a CMMS software, facilities provide the necessary resources to the maintenance managers to control maintenance tasks in an efficient manner.

CMMS for Post-Pandemic SOPs

Whether it’s a single-location facility or a multi-location enterprise, there are guidelines to follow as far as maintenance needs and more guidelines now that relate to a healthy and safe environment. And while equipment and assets have always required standard operating procedures (SOPs), companies must seriously consider the physical locations and employees themselves. Updated guidelines on cleaning and disinfecting facilities have been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Inspections are much more critical than before, and there are suddenly many more procedures to document, store and follow than before. Tasks and procedures can be accurate stored, recorded, and reported on for compliance.

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