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Whether you’re managing a single-location facility or a multi-location enterprise, you can add hours to your day using our industry-leading CMMS and EAM software solutions.

Take Control of Your Facility Maintenance

DPSI’s computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) software solutions help you get organized and streamline all facilities, people and equipment under your direction. You can add hours to your day by automating preventive maintenance scheduling and other maintenance management tasks. Our facilities maintenance software solutions ensure that your equipment stays in peak operating condition with automated systems such as email reminders to perform routine tasks and work order generation so that deadlines aren’t forgotten. With a wealth of information at your fingertips, you can ditch the paperwork and focus on the bigger picture.

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Facilities Maintenance Software Features

  • Request Maintenance Work

  • Generate Work Orders

  • Track Work Order Data

  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance

  • Manage Parts Inventory

  • Order Parts

  • Manage Projects

  • Keep Track of Assets

  • Track Maintenance Costs & History

  • Generate In-Depth Reports & Graphs

  • Predict & Prevent Equipment Failure

  • Manage Vendors

Robust Reporting Capabilities & Dashboard

DPSI’s facilities maintenance software allows you to create any report you want. We have over 200 predefined reports and graphs straight out of the box, or you can customize them according to your needs. Our system also lets you export data to external sources, such as Excel, to create reports.

Keep tabs on your organization with a Dashboard option, which displays multiple key performance indicators (KPIs) as gauges, charts, and graphs. The Dashboard is fully customizable and displays your preferred metrics.

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Cloud-Based Options & Mobile Maintenance

DPSI offers on-premise CMMS and EAM software as well as a variety of cloud-based solutions. Our EAM software is available on-premise with a private cloud option or as a cloud-hosted version.

Our Mobile option gives your employees the ability to manage work orders, work requests, and parts inventory from their mobile devices. By giving maintenance staff instant access to critical information on the job, our Mobile option boosts productivity, reduces paperwork and eliminates data entry errors.

CMMS for Facilities: Find the Right Fit

DPSI’s innovative, competitively-priced facility maintenance software allows you to customize many features while benefiting from cloud computing, mobile access, real-time dashboards and integration with other applications. Browse our products to find the right facilities CMMS software for you.

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