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CMMS/EAM Integration

Integrate CMMS software other business systems to boost productivity and eliminate redundant or duplicate processes. Learn more about using iMaint Integrator, an optional feature for iMaint CMMS/EAM users.

Integrate CMMS Software with Other Systems

If there is no interface between your maintenance management software and other systems, this could result in duplicate work and processes, leading to inefficiencies. iMaint Integrator, a Plant Engineering magazine Product of the Year Finalist, makes combining your iMaint system with other solutions and devices simple and affordable.

Integrating CMMS software with other systems such as condition monitoring technology, enables you to can make informed decisions based on real-time information. Whether you need to share data on a regular schedule or in a more complex manner, the iMaint Integrator makes it easy to set up. There are step-by-step ‘wizards’ and drag-and-drop screens to guide you—no complex programming is required.

imaint integrator

Multiple Database & File Formats Supported

The iMaint Integrator doesn’t lock you into a single technology. You can choose from various industry-standard technologies, including the following:

  • XML

  • Microsoft Access

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Delimited text files

Create unlimited integration processes, choose a schedule for each integration process, and transfer data to and from multiple iMaint sites. The iMaint Integrator safeguards the integrity of your data as it moves between systems. The security and business rules you have established in iMaint govern transfers.

More Features & Options

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