Last week, DPSI webinars were held for both our PMC and iMaint customers to engage with User Advisory Board (UAB) members. During the well attended sessions, board members shared their own experiences implementing and using DPSI’s CMMS software to its full potential, and provided an open avenue for our customers to network with one another. These opportunities for fellow users to learn from each other and continually improve their maintenance operations are invaluable.

The iMaint UAB session featured customers from industries spanning food/beverage, agriculture, energy and higher education. Users discussed  important features in the iMaint Purchasing module as well as the use of General Ledgers to build monthly budgets. iMaint’s ability to track project work and experience in integrating iMaint and SAP were also topics of discussion. One user explained the impact of utilizing historical information to become more proactive in job performance.

The PMC UAB session included presenters from the power and food/beverage industries. Users discussed how the PMC Purchasing module has played a critical role in overall company success. The PMC Inventory and Scheduling modules were also considered some of the most vital processes utilized by these organizations.

These DPSI webinars initiated important conversations and questions on behalf of DPSI’s user base and, consequently, generated excellent customer participation and feedback. Our future User Advisory Board web session roundtables will feature a variety of other topics in addition to networking opportunities for fellow software users.

If you are a current customer and have recommendations for future enhancements to our software, please post these on Customer Corner and also consider becoming an iMaint or PMC User Advisory Board member. Your DPSI Customer Account Manager can provide you with additional information regarding these opportunities to make your voice heard.