PMC Preventive Maintenance Program Software

A leading CMMS that encompasses the full spectrum of maintenance activities, PMC is a best-of-breed solution designed specifically for maintenance. Managing maintenance operations has never been so simple with PMC preventative maintenance program software, which is easy for technicians to learn and use.

Streamline Maintenance Management

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can simplify work order management, reduce parts inventory, and extend asset life. At the heart of PMC is a complete work order generation, management, and reporting system that effortlessly handles an unlimited quantity of work orders and allows you to quickly review work orders for your selected due dates. PMC preventive maintenance program also boasts a centralized purchasing system, extensive inventory control system, and comprehensive reports and graphs module.

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Benefits of PMC Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Reduce production costs which translates directly to the bottom line

  • Reduce inventory costs/carrying charges by improving inventory utilization which translates directly to the bottom line

  • Increase manufacturing capacity and quality

  • Comply with regulatory requirements such as OSHA, EPA, ISO 9000, and QS 9000

  • Increase operational life of machinery, equipment, and facilities

  • Decrease downtime/increase uptime

  • Reduce costly repairs and emergency breakdowns

  • Optimize inventory levels and make better decisions based on up-to-date information

  • Decrease accidents and improve plant safety

  • Provide superior customer service through higher product quality and timely deliveries

  • Command a higher resale value for used equipment

  • Minimize paperwork, freeing employees for more productive work

Discover PMC Features

PMC’s work order module is a complete work order generation, management, and reporting system allowing you to generate scheduled and unscheduled/emergency work orders. It boasts easy-to-use calendar-based windows divided into Daily, Weekly, 2-Week, and 4-Week increments. You can quickly review all of the work orders due for dates selected and then reschedule, start, complete, cancel, print, or view the work orders in brief or in detail. With the Time Card option, you can quickly assign labor hours to various work orders for faster processing and closing.

Schedule work orders manually or automatically with PMC’s scheduling module. Work orders can be generated automatically based on the following:

  • Time, such as hours or days
  • Cycle counters or meter readings
  • Last time a procedure was scheduled or completed
  • A combination of the above criteria

Prevent work orders from being scheduled on holidays and days when operations are shut down by using the Calendar Lockout feature. Enter asset readings with the Asset Count/Meter Update option so work orders are generated on time.

Run your stockroom at peak efficiency with PMC’s inventory module. This complete parts inventory system consists of a part table and the Inventory Menu Pal. The Menu Pal allows you to:

  • Search for parts based on multiple criteria including ID, description, manufacturer, vendor, or quantity on hand
  • Create adjustments, enter a quote, or enter the unit cost of a part
  • View adjustments to see where, when, and by whom changes were made
  • Transfer parts from one company to another or search for parts held by other companies in your organization

Issue and track purchase orders with PMC’s purchasing module, which allows you to quickly request parts as well as create and print purchase orders automatically. Whether you want to pass purchase orders on to the purchasing department or do the work yourself, the system can be adapted to your needs. The interconnected areas of PMC allow you to create a purchase order, check the quantity of parts in inventory, view any work orders using a particular part, compare prices and lead time between vendors, and then return to your original task.

PMC’s reports & graphs module boasts ready-to-run reports and graphs providing vital, real-time information on maintenance operations. Produce professional-looking graphs and charts for reports and presentations. There are over 200 pre-defined reports and graphs to choose from, including:

  • Emergency Maintenance Work Orders
  • Top 20 Asset/Equipment Brief by YTD Maintenance Cost
  • Total Labor Hours by Craft
  • Work Order Labor Summary by Employee ID
  • Purchase Orders/Requisitions

This optional feature allows non-PMC users to submit maintenance requests from any location through a standalone requester program, web form or email message. It also includes a messaging system that enables dispatches, status updates, and priority communications to be sent as email messages or text messages to a range of devices.

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