Purchasing computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) is a significant investment for any company, and moving to a new system can be very time-consuming. For this reason, most organizations are content with upgrading their existing maintenance software instead of switching to a new system. However, it could be time for a CMMS software change.

You should regularly assess your CMMS system and its performance. Since CMMS systems have evolved over the last few years, it might be worthwhile for your company to research other CMMS software vendors and compare their features and pricing options.

Signs it may be time for a CMMS software change:

  • No mobile integration available. Today, having CMMS software that is compatible with smartphones, laptops, and tablets is essential. Your company won’t experience the most compelling benefits of maintenance software if your maintenance technicians don’t have a mobile solution at their fingertips. In addition, maintenance technicians would have to double their efforts by carrying clipboards and following paper-based processes and then manually re-entering data. If a mobile application is not available for your current maintenance software, it may be time to consider a change. Mobile solutions provide real-time access to data, and maintenance technicians can use them to complete work orders from their mobile devices.
  • When integration with other software packages is limited or cumbersome. In order to get full, 360-degree visibility into an organization’s maintenance operation, CMMS software needs to be able to “talk” with other software systems being utilized within an organization. This might include equipment data, payroll, accounting, or purchasing software. Integration is crucial to ensuring that your maintenance software supports the rest of your business. For example, DPSI’s iMaint Integrator option facilitates the exchange of data between different systems to keep information up-to-date and automate communication.
  • Compliance issues. Maintenance managers constantly need to stay abreast of health and safety regulations and requirements in order to mitigate their exposure to risk. When it comes to meeting regulatory compliance standards, there is no room for error. Up-to-date CMMS software helps maintenance managers ensure that current maintenance standards for facilities and equipment are established and followed. This keeps the work environment and equipment reliable, while preparing you for recurring inspections and testing.

As CMMS systems become increasingly affordable and accessible, a growing number of organizations both large and small are implementing new software to improve processes and lower costs. If any of the above criteria apply to your organization, perhaps it’s time for you to make a CMMS software change.

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