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Boride Engineered Abrasives Success Story: Overview

DPSI helped industrial and consumer manufacturer Boride Engineered Abrasives make the move from paper card files to a CMMS, and PMC now keeps the company running smoothly. Read on to learn more about the Boride Engineered Abrasives success story.

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For nearly 40 years, Boride Engineered Abrasives has developed and manufactured abrasive products for industrial and consumer applications. Using strictly the best quality aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, Boride manufactures products for the metalworking and metal finishing industries. Craftsmen, distributors and industrial users from 30 countries use Boride products because of Boride’s reputation for high-quality products and extraordinary customer service.

Getting with the System

Before Boride began using PMC, the company used a 3” x 5” file card system to keep track of preventive maintenance. As time went by and the company grew, it needed a more accurate and streamlined way of reporting. The DOS-based PMC became the program of choice. Says Joe Berry, director of maintenance, “Initially, it took a bit more time to input information into PMC. But once we entered the information, we were just flying — PMC cut the amount of time over the card system by 40%. Plus, it’s more accurate and the reporting is better.” At that time, Boride used PMC for preventive maintenance on a few machines and buildings.

Staying On-Track with Additional Modules

The success of PMC led the company to upgrade to the Windows version of the program and expand the number of modules employed by Boride. Says Berry, “We’re using PMC about 500% more than we did seven years ago when I started working here. That’s because we saw how much it helped us keep track of critical information.” Now, all of Boride’s machinery is on a preventive maintenance schedule. “It’s very easy to add new preventive maintenance schedules and it takes just a few minutes,” he says. “I can even copy over to other machines that might be on the same schedule.”

In addition, the company began using the parts and purchasing modules, cross-referencing inventory with their manufacturing software. “I don’t have a large inventory, but I manage it well using pmc maintenance software,” he said. “It’s nice to have a list of parts I can refer to, and to know when I have parts in stock or when I need to reorder.”

Adjusting Schedules Easily

Boride takes manufacturers’ recommendations for preventive maintenance and reduces the timetables by 25% to 50%. They need to create their own, more stringent maintenance schedules because of the manufacturing environment for abrasives. Says Berry, “All that grit and dust accelerates wear and tear on all of our machines. We need to stay on top of it to reduce the chance of catastrophic problems.”

With the help of PMC, Berry can adjust schedules very easily using the scheduling module. “If I need to change my schedule and reduce or extend it, all I do is change the frequency. It takes 30 seconds and the computer changes all my records. If I want to go from 180 days to 120, it just takes a few keystrokes, and I’m done. It’s also very easy to copy new schedules over to other machines that might be on the same schedule.”

Improving Coordination with Departments

Berry has a weekly meeting with department heads. “I run a report out three weeks so the department heads can see what machines are scheduled for preventive maintenance,” Berry explains. “I also run a backorder by date that shows all open work orders ? both preventive and emergency. Each department can see their particular work orders, go over them, and integrate the work with their schedules. I also let them know about any backlog of parts orders.”

The purchasing module is especially valuable to Boride’s purchasing department. “When we need to place an order, it’s easy for me to pull up the parts numbers, purchase order number, and vendor contact information,” says Berry. “This makes it easy for the purchasing department to do their job without having to call me up and get details. They have it all in front of them. No questions. It also makes my life easier when I place my own orders.”

Demonstrating Value to Management

“In a lot of companies, maintenance is a forgotten department,” says Berry. “But we’ve tried to treat it as a secondary part of our business.” Berry can provide his management team with reports that show what he’s doing and justify everything he needs. “PMC can generate reports that justify additional resources,” says Berry. “I can do a pie chart or 3-D graph that shows the work orders for the past six months, and put it on a transparency to show at a budget meeting. The reaction I get from management is, ‘We understand why you’re asking for more man-hours. It’s because you’re completing so many work orders. It really makes sense now.”

Hearing Plain English from DPSI’s Technical Staff

Berry enjoys working with DPSI’s technical staff, who were a great help during the upgrade from the DOS to the Windows version. “They explained what to do and how to do it and answered any questions I had,” says Berry. “The DPSI technical people speak in plain English and aren’t condescending just because I’m not as technically adept as they are. And it’s not just troubleshooting. They take care of their customers by staying in touch about ongoing training and conferences.” Berry is also happy with DPSI’s response time. “In just a quick call, I’d leave a message and they’d get back to us within one business day ? often the same day. I’m very happy about that.”

Saving Time with PMC

While you might think that all of this software use and reporting increases Berry’s workload, PMC actually reduces it. “Overall, using PMC probably saves me about a half-hour every day,” says Berry. “I just take 20 minutes every morning and run off work orders for the day. It keeps a nice tab on everything we need to do, and makes my day a whole lot easier.”

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