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City of Reidsville CMMS Success Story: Overview

Reidsville saw the need for computer software that would help departments manage maintenance and track asset costs. After evaluating several companies and products, Reidsville chose iMaint. Read on to learn more about the City of Reidsville CMMS success story.

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Despite past economic setbacks, the City of Reidsville is “Focused on a Better Tomorrow.” Well-planned services and infrastructure are a priority at City Hall, and the results of that commitment are evident throughout the City. Reidsville uses DPSI’s iMaint system to manage infrastructure and other assets, and the benefits have been far-reaching.

  • Population: 14,485
  • Employees: 166
  • Public Works Employees: 51
  • Location: Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina

City of Reidsville Improves the Bottom Line with iMaint

Like many municipalities, Reidsville experienced a steady loss of manufacturing and agricultural jobs during the past few decades, including the 1994 shutdown of the area’s largest manufacturing plant. Since then, city leaders have diversified the local economy, which is attracting a variety of new manufacturing and industrial employers. This diversity, coupled with well-planned services and infrastructure, has established Reidsville as a growing city that lives up to its motto, “ Focused on a Better Tomorrow.”

Even while the City worked to rejuvenate the economy, keeping infrastructure and physical assets in good shape was a priority. Well-maintained assets last longer and are more efficient to operate, which yields budget savings. Caring for those assets, though, was a challenge that required more than just a dedicated Public Works staff, particularly when budgets were tight and the State was reducing revenue allocations to municipalities.

In the mid-1990’s, Reidsville saw the need for computer software that would help departments manage maintenance and track asset costs. After evaluating several companies and products, Reidsville chose a solution from DPSI. Since then, the City has used several generations of DPSI products, and now uses the company’s flagship product, iMaint. Departments use iMaint to manage a wide variety of assets, including vehicles, equipment, facilities, streets, water lines, sewer lines, a water treatment plant, a wastewater treatment plant, parks and thousands of spare parts.

Controlling Costs

With the help of iMaint, Public Works departments have been able to manage assets and infrastructure more effectively and efficiently. In addition, the data within iMaint plays a valuable role in management decisions. Assistant City Manager Terri Stamey says “The flexibility and depth of the iMaint software enables us to submit detailed cost information on a schedule that’s responsive to our needs. This helps us give the City Council the information necessary to support our plan of work and achieve their goals for our community. It also helps us to stay within budget, since we know where costs are at any time.”

Depending on the department, asset costs in iMaint are tracked to one of several funds—General, Enterprise , Internal Service or Special Revenue. iMaint allows each department and asset to be categorized in different ways, enabling the Finance Director to efficiently track costs.

Easier Regulatory Reporting & Audits

North Carolina ‘s “Powell Bill” State highway grant requires Reidsville to not only account for the amount of allocated expenditures but to track specific categories of grant spending such as vehicles, labor and materials. When the Finance Director needs to prepare Powell Bill reports, iMaint provides the detailed data needed to accurately fulfill State reporting requirements. “The system gives us a strong audit trail, which helps us pull information for quarterly and annual State reports, financial statements and audits,” according to Finance Director Rhonda Sommer. Instead of scrambling to pull together paper documents and data from many sources, the staff runs reports in iMaint and exports data to Microsoft Excel. Much less staff time is required and the resulting financial data is more accurate.

The historical records in iMaint even help with insurance claims. For example, the City has a no-fault sewer backup policy. When a claim is made, the City needs to show that sewer lines were properly maintained. Using iMaint, it’s easy to provide detailed maintenance records to the insurance company.

A Flexible, Easy-to-Use System

MIS Director Deborah Butler is very pleased with iMaint’s capabilities and ease-of-use. “The system is easy to maintain,” says Deborah, “which means that we don’t need to devote an excessive amount of time to system upkeep. Also, iMaint’s adaptability allows us to tailor the product to our City’s needs, as well as the needs of each department.”

iMaint users in Public Works departments have been more than satisfied by how the system works for them. “The ease of retrieving information from iMaint is truly amazing. From simple to complex searches, the steps are logical, precise and easy to understand.” They also appreciate DPSI customer support they receive. “We can contact support with the assurance that our questions will be addressed quickly and in a way that a novice, as well as an expert, can understand.”

How One Department Uses iMaint

The City Garage maintains more than 200 vehicles, as well as small equipment such as weed trimmers. Its inventory typically includes thousands of parts that are tracked in iMaint. The system enables the staff to create preventive maintenance schedules and manage repairs for each vehicle and piece of equipment.

As the staff updates the system with maintenance activities, iMaint tracks costs using State DOT vehicle maintenance rates and applies markups to fuel, parts, and labor. The department uses Gasboy, an automated fuel management system, which supplies iMaint with information on vehicle mileage and fuel usage. The Garage is treated as a profit center. Each vehicle record includes a department code, enabling the City to charge departments for vehicle expenses. Each month, the staff pulls data from iMaint that the Finance Director uses for bill-backs. The data includes actual costs for parts, labor, fuel and other expenses.

Better Service to Residents

Reidsville will soon be implementing a new DPSI solution, the Citizen Request Center, which will automate and simplify communication between citizens and the City. This web-based system will enable residents to make requests, report problems or ask questions through a form on the City’s website or by phoning City Hall. The system will automatically route the request, manage resolution from start-to-finish, and provide status updates to the resident.

Deborah Butler sees definite benefits when they start using this new product. “A citizen can easily inform the City of a need such as a stop light outage, pothole or missed garbage pickup. iMaint can automatically create a work request assigned to the correct area, and the citizen will know when the work has been completed, which is important to the City.”

The City of Reidsville CMMS Success Story is one of many. Schedule a free demo to learn more about how DPSI’s CMMS software can benefit your business.

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