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Green Bay Packaging Success Story: Overview

Green Bay Packaging is a diversified corporation that uses iMaint to connect and monitor multiple sites across their enterprise.

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Green Bay Packaging Inc. is a privately owned, diversified manufacturer of paperboard packaging. Founded by George F. Kress in 1933, the company employs more than 3000 people and consists of 30 divisions operating in 15 states. Green Bay Packaging Inc. is a vertically integrated corporation consisting of timberlands, paperboard mills, corrugated shipping container plants, specialty converting operations, pressure-sensitive roll label stock and a sawmill facility. Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Green Bay Packaging Inc. is dedicated to sustainable development of its products and forestry resources throughout all of its manufacturing facilities. Read on to learn more about the Green Bay Packaging success story.

The Challenge: Implement an Enterprise CMMS

When Green Bay Packaging decided that they needed to manage and administer their maintenance activities on a corporate level and they needed to share information between their diverse and distant facilities, they opted for the technology and control that iMaint EAM software offered. Ramon Vasquez, Enterprise Systems Analyst and iMaint Project Manager, is in the corporate office and was tasked with deploying iMaint in the most feasible manner. “My first focus with iMaint was to look at the manageability of getting updates to all sites and documenting work performance on assets in various locations. This was complicated by the fact that some facilities were using PMC, some were using just spreadsheets, and some were using no form of CMMS at all,” explains Vasquez.

The Benefit: A Standardized Procedure

“As we planned for implementing iMaint, we worked on establishing corporate standards for naming assets and processes. This gave us a big advantage when we actually started using iMaint – we could standardize maintenance procedures across facilities,” explained Vasquez. “Now that iMaint is fully implemented, our maintenance managers feel that iMaint is a customer service tool – if our equipment is down due to improper maintenance, our facility can’t do the job and our customers, the ones who depend on us, are the ones who suffer.” Although Green Bay Packaging has facilities from Texas to Maryland and they handle a wide variety of packaging needs, Vasquez can rely on uniform maintenance processes and he can review performance through reporting capabilities.

The Ownership: Unleashing the Power of Reports

An average week will see 150 preventive maintenance procedures performed at each facility, depending on the size of the facility. This means that iMaint has a lot of useful data for maintenance managers to analyze. “Each facility has different needs and unique data; therefore, they require customized reports from iMaint,” continued Vasquez. “I have created the reports that each facility requires and adjusted the pre-loaded reports to make them applicable for all facilities.”

The Payoff: Integrating iMaint Fully

Once data on assets and processes was entered in iMaint, Vasquez searched for other ways to fully integrate iMaint into the daily work life of Green Bay Packaging. One way that he did this was by tracking production purchases.

Purchasing Provides Production Data

Using the Purchasing module, if Vasquez purchases 4,000 cases of product and the reorder point is set at 1,000 cases when the inventory gets to 1,000 cases, an alert appears on the purchasing proof. “This same information about product usage is transmitted via the iMaint Integrator from production to purchasing, so iMaint automatically reorders the product. This process is automated, so no human interaction is required,” explained Vasquez. “The product will be reordered as needed and production at the facility can remain constant.”

By using the iMaint Integrator, Green Bay Packaging has no need for data entry in multiple systems. Their process is to periodically check the purchase proof, allowing them to see not only all the parts needed to maintain the system for maintenance but also all the parts needed for production. Many companies have this information treated totally separate; however, at Green Bay, maintenance and production are not completely separate activities, but inextricably linked. Neither the Production view nor the Maintenance view of the system provides the full picture. Vasquez summarized their reason to implement the iMaint Integrator, “What Green Bay Packaging is building is a true picture of our processes, which allows us to regularly and systematically see areas of concern and areas where we can improve the entire process.”

Parts Provides Production Data

Yet another way that Green Bay Packaging uses iMaint and the iMaint Integrator to streamline its operation is with the updating of assets and parts. Maintaining up-to-date real-time data becomes more and more critical in our age of automation. By its very definition, automation removes almost all but the most essential of human input which also eliminates human errors. This means increasing accuracy and confidence in making decisions based on this data. Because iMaint’s Integrator tracks the parts used for maintenance and production, its timely updates for Parts last used on every asset, as well as the quantities and costs are critical. Additionally, this process can be used to grow the Preventive and Predictive forces at play, while reporting on and constantly fine-tuning data in the linked systems.

Teamwork = Success

The Green Bay Packaging success story provides an excellent example of maintenance used to maximize production, while production information improves the maintenance process. This type of teamwork is the pinnacle of success. To learn first-hand how iMaint can benefit your maintenance management program, sign up for a free trial today.

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