A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is an incredibly valuable tool for organizations across various industries. Once CMMS software is properly set up and integrated into an organization’s operations, the capabilities are remarkable.

10 Important CMMS Software Capabilities:

1. Asset Management

CMMS software automates the management of assets in a variety of ways, including tracking scheduled repairs, corrective repairs, spare parts, warranties, and creating benchmarks. You can record and update information about every asset.

2. Preventive Maintenance

This is often considered the most useful aspect of CMMS software. By creating a centralized catalog of routine preventive maintenance work, along with schedules and detailed instructions for each task, equipment downtime and costs can be significantly reduced.

3. Work Order Management

Maintenance staff can be more productive and efficient when CMMS software is used to dispatch work orders quickly and efficiently. CMMS software makes it easy to track customer requests and generate work orders. Different assets and procedures can be grouped together in a single work order, and you can quickly assign labor hours to various work orders for faster processing and closing.

4. Inventory Management

One of the reasons for increased equipment downtime is a lack of parts in stock or available at the appropriate site. Maintenance software can manage the parts inventory system to ensure that replacement parts are available for scheduled maintenance tasks. Furthermore, effective inventory management ensures that there are no duplicate purchases or excess parts.

5. Build Effective Safety Programs

CMMS software capabilities enable your organization to more easily comply with regulatory requirements and increase worker safety. Through the standardization of procedures and processes, you can build an effective safety program with your CMMS. This can help reduce the risk of injury, cut costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

6. Real-Time Maintenance Data and Reporting

One of the greatest benefits of maintenance software is the ability to pull data from the software and generate predefined or custom reports, graphs and dashboards. Any data point tracked in CMMS software can be viewed, allowing management to make decisions that are based on current, in-depth data.

7. Maintenance History

Since maintenance technicians record the completion of tasks in the CMMS software, a history of the maintenance tasks performed on each asset is available for review. This can inform future purchases and assist in the identification of assets that may be nearing the end of their useful life. Furthermore, if you track maintenance activities in a CMMS, when employees leave, the knowledge does not leave along with them and can quickly be used to bring new workers up to speed.

8. Capture Information Automatically and Share Knowledge

With a CMMS, you can reduce the amount of time you spend re-entering instructions on work orders because information is captured automatically. This minimizes manual entry. You can also sit down with your best maintenance technicians and put together instructions on how to best complete jobs so that all new employees can benefit from that knowledge and follow best practices.

9. Track Costs

Your CMMS becomes a central database that contains records of all maintenance-related expenses, including parts, labor and miscellaneous costs. Maintenance managers can view cost information in the CMMS at any time to analyze their budget.

10. Greater Visibility and Transparency

CMMS software provides maintenance managers with greater transparency and control over their maintenance team’s work. Managers can quickly identify due dates, determine who is working on what, and see which tasks are yet to be completed.

The above CMMS software capabilities and benefits can dramatically increase the efficiency and profitability of your maintenance operations. iMaint, DPSI’s flagship EAM software, is specifically targeted to industries including manufacturing, facility and fleet maintenance organizations. iMaint is a user-friendly enterprise asset management system that provides you with the tools needed to monitor your maintenance operations, save time, and lower operating costs. Contact DPSI for more information, or request a free trial today.

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