Effective asset management strategies enable organizations to prevent unnecessary downtime and lower costs. Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) helps companies put their best foot forward when it comes to managing assets. Learn how to enhance your asset management with CMMS software.

An Overview of Maintenance Software

CMMS software was introduced many years ago as a means to computerize the process of maintaining assets. Many CMMS software vendors offer a range of other features including work order management, maintenance scheduling, inventory control and more. Enterprise asset management (EAM) software, a term often used interchangeably with CMMS software, provides the additional ability to maintain multiple groups of users and sites. While a single-location manufacturing plant may operate successfully with a CMMS, a global enterprise with numerous sites will most likely require EAM software for optimal results.

Streamline Asset Management with CMMS

There are countless ways maintenance software like CMMS and EAM simplify asset management and enhance productivity. One of the most important software features is the ability to stay on top of preventive maintenance. Neglecting to perform routine maintenance on a piece of equipment can lead to its premature failure. In order to reach an optimal lifespan, a standardized preventive maintenance plan should be implemented for each asset.

Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance management software allows users to extend the life of assets by providing a means to set up preventive maintenance jobs for each piece of equipment. Users can store important data such as date of equipment purchase, warranty information, repair history and more. They can set up preventive maintenance schedules by date or meter reading, and automatically send email reminders to technicians when assets are due for maintenance. An effective preventive maintenance plan helps ensure assets run smoothly and experience minimal unplanned downtime.

CMMS Reporting and Dashboards

Users can also utilize CMMS reporting features to make critical decisions related to asset management, such as equipment replacement. Although an asset may have reached its estimated lifespan, for example, it could continue operating for years to come as a result of effective maintenance management practices. A maintenance manager could determine this by analyzing asset reporting data, and then opt to use funds allocated for its replacement toward other business expenditures. iMaint, an industry-leading EAM software system, includes over 200 ready-to-run reports in addition to custom reporting options.

A maintenance dashboard allows users to track key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. Keeping tabs on an organization’s most important KPIs helps management spot trends and identify areas for improvement. For example, an asset with a high mean to time failure (MTTF) could indicate it has a defect. Management can quickly determine the right course of action to get an asset (and production) back on track. The ability to access each asset’s warranty information, stored within CMMS software, also proves beneficial in processing claims and recouping costs.

With the help of CMMS or EAM software, maintenance management problems can be avoided. DPSI provides a variety of maintenance management software solutions for industries including manufacturing, facilities, fleet, food and beverage, government and healthcare. iMaint is offered both as an on-premise or cloud-based solution, with pricing as low as $60 per user per month. Interested in learning more? Schedule a free personalized demo of iMaint.

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