A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) helps organizations control critical business aspects. Information technology (IT) professionals will most likely encourage departments to back up CMMS databases to protect data. However, what many companies fail to realize is that cross-training multiple users with full administrative access is equally as important. There are typically various levels of access or permissions for users, including the “champion” or comprehensive administrator. Read on to learn why ensuring you have a back-up CMMS software champion is necessary.

The following excerpt originally appeared on reliableplant.com, and is authored by DPSI professional services consultant, Robert Brieck.

“Champions are critical links in the organization. They have control and institutional knowledge of how the software functions. However, it’s the job of the champion’s manager to ensure critical links aren’t broken in the face of changing circumstances, such as someone calls in sick, technology fails, there is a temporary reduction in workforce, etc. Expected or unexpected, these common circumstances can prevent departments from running critical software, maintaining data appropriately and providing program support.

Importance of Cross-training

Redundant positions within organizations offer some degree of flexibility, but redundancy may not apply to champions. Therefore, departments should increase their flexibility through cross-training. This also enables others to experience new and more challenging work responsibilities. Department managers should allow cross-trained employees the opportunity to fill in while champions go on vacation or take on additional job duties.

Insist your software champion record his or her basic job responsibilities in addition to each of those responsibilities typically in the “all other duties as assigned” category. Ensure the champion be granular in these writings, providing important details. Doing so will provide not only a detailed roadmap for others to follow in order to keep the organization running efficiently but also an opportunity for those hoping to gain knowledge or advance their careers.

As a manager, your first order of business is to direct your champions to make themselves dispensable. As a champion, you should ensure one person on staff is fully capable of performing your job responsibilities in total, especially as it applies to software knowledge.” …

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