There are a number of pitfalls along the way to the successful implementation of CMMS/EAM software, including poor executive support and the underestimation of implementation costs. Perhaps the most dangerous pitfall comes after implementation, however, in the form of neglecting CMMS and EAM software training.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

The first mistake an organization makes when conducting training for a CMMS or EAM system is to train all types of users in the same manner, using the same training material. This is a significant error because it doesn’t cater to the needs of each user role.

Nobody wants to spend hours learning tasks that in all likelihood they will never actually need to know how to complete. Instead, it is a far wiser choice to provide targeted training by role or function. This will give each training participant the opportunity to learn only about software features relevant to their individual needs.

Provide Refresher Training After Implementation

Another related oversight regarding training is the idea that a single CMMS and EAM software training session will be sufficient. Nothing could be further from the truth. Recurring training on specific topics will be very useful and appreciated by the members of your organization.

Refresher training courses should be shorter than initial training by a large margin. Also, it would be wise to provide targeted training based on addressing common errors or inefficient processes observed in the company, rather than re-teaching modules from initial training sessions.

Employee turnover is another reason to provide additional EAM/CMMS software training. It’s not enough for a new employee to just spend a few minutes with a co-worker to learn how to use the software. It’s also a hassle if new employees are constantly badgering their colleagues with endless questions about how the software works. Conducting a proper software training session for new employees can help them become highly proficient and successful in utilizing the technology.

Effective CMMS and EAM Software Training Yields Many Benefits

Training that is well planned and executed will yield a number of significant advantages, specifically in relation to the views that stakeholders have of the CMMS or EAM software.

  • Generates buy-in. One of the most important benefits of CMMS and EAM software training is getting buy-in from participants. If training is based on the participants’ roles and responsibilities within the organization, and the training is focused on how the new software can increase their efficiency, there is a greater likelihood that they will buy into the new system and adopt its use, which is essential to its long-term success.
  • Creates Consistency. Focused and recurring training gives your organization the chance to develop standard operating procedures. The goal of any maintenance department is to perform maintenance activities in a consistent manner, regardless of who is performing the task or when it takes place. This consistency will simplify processes overall, and limit the risk of unexpected errors due to poor practices.
  • Increases Speed and Productivity. With the consistency of processes and a recurring emphasis on training comes speed. Increased speed and productivity is something that every organization longs for, particularly when accompanied by a high level of accuracy. CMMS/EAM software helps organizations complete maintenance tasks more quickly, maximizing productivity levels.

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