It’s easy to communicate the benefits of using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to maintenance managers. Transitioning to a more streamlined, organized process of scheduling maintenance is a no-brainer. But what about those employees who are responsible for making parts and purchasing decisions—how can software affect a company’s bottom line? The value of a successful CMMS implementation makes up for the initial investment many times over by creating an abundance of cost-saving opportunities and increasing a company’s return on investment (ROI). The financial benefits that a robust CMMS solution provides are why top-level executives are choosing to purchase this technology. Learn how a successful CMMS saves money and increases return on investment (ROI).


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A CMMS saves money (tens of thousands of dollars) annually by:

Extending the Life of Equipment

DPSI’s preventive maintenance software provides an automated process of scheduling necessary inspections and planned maintenance activities, which keeps equipment operating efficiently. A CMMS also ensures equipment is producing at optimum levels and makes it easier to follow manufacturers’ guidelines. This allows companies to use a piece of equipment longer than expected; extending equipment life by just a few years makes a huge difference.

Whereas companies may decide the right time to replace equipment based on age, a CMMS analyzes its complete work history. It may be determined that an older piece of equipment is still reliable and that replacement is not yet necessary. A CMMS helps companies save money on unplanned maintenance activities such as repair and replacement.

Furthermore, a preventative maintenance system reduces energy costs by enabling equipment to run at peak efficiently. Using less electricity, gas and water will certainly reduce a company’s annual utility expenses.

Minimizing Equipment Downtime and Breakdown

When properly maintained, assets are less likely to fail. A CMMS helps prevent unforeseen equipment failures by giving companies the tools necessary to automate scheduled maintenance, thereby reducing instances of equipment downtime and breakdown. Performing maintenance on equipment that has experienced breakdown often results in corrective measures and possibly even replacement. Continuing to run damaged equipment until failure can affect a company’s production costs or even cause a facility to shut down.

Additionally, maintenance software allows companies to easily comply with safety and environmental regulations through its automated process of scheduling tasks and work orders. Costs otherwise spent on unplanned equipment repairs and replacements, or getting a facility up and running after again being shut down, can be shifted toward more important aspects of a business after a CMMS has been put into place.

Increasing Labor Productivity

A CMMS provides a means to schedule more efficiently and forecast labor hours more accurately, thus eliminating potential overtime. An effective maintenance program makes better use of employees’ time by giving them a series of scheduled maintenance tasks versus unplanned time spent on making repairs. Maintaining asset life reduces the need for emergency maintenance. A successfully implemented CMMS also eliminates the numerous hours employees spend creating purchase orders by automating the process. It also gives companies the ability to eliminate paperwork–the time employees previously spent on manually tracking activities can be put to better use.

Managing Inventory More Efficiently

CMMS software maintains inventory records accurately, reducing the risk of being understocked on the parts they need most and overstocked on the rest. The ordering process is simplified, ensuring that parts will be ordered in optimal quantities at the optimal time. The ability to quickly look up the availability of specific parts provides a more streamlined process for getting orders out in a timely manner.

When business executives determine how much maintenance inefficiencies such as equipment downtime and overtime labor have cost them, it’s easy to see that CMMS saves money and is a worthwhile investment. DPSI offers competitively-priced solutions so that companies will get the most out of their investment. Contact us to learn more ways a CMMS saves money for your organization. Sign up for a free trial today.

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