We are pleased to announce that iMaint/iMaint Fleet, version 4.1 was released at the end of 2016. iMaint 4.1 is just what your business needs.

Enhanced features available in 4.1 include: Email notifications triggered by a Work Order’s Status ID, Reports can be setup to automatically generate on a recurring frequency and use a saved filter, and Meter rollovers will automatically update supporting fields. Additional enhancements were made to Security and Admin, the User Interface, Purchasing, Fuel, and the Dashboard and Mobile add-on modules.  All of these enhancements further compliment and broaden the flexibility and scalability already within the system.

iMaint gives you a comprehensive system for managing maintenance and assets—work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory, purchasing, personnel, projects, reporting and analysis, cost tracking and much more.

Reap the benefits of proven, leading-edge technologies such as Web browser access, mobile devices, wireless access, bar coding, dashboards and more. Yet it’s easy to learn, easy to administer and easy to maintain—the perfect solution for single sites, large operations or multi-site enterprise installations.

DPSI has been a global leader in CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) since 1986. DPSI’s software solutions help manufacturers successfully manage all type of maintenance workflow. Interested to see what DPSI’s iMaint Software could do for you? Get started with a free trial today!