Maintenance staff, especially those employed in manufacturing plants, typically spend a great deal of time working out in the field. Relying on paperwork stored in an office setting isn’t exactly convenient when technicians need quick access to maintenance-related data. The primary advantages of computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) have long been utilized by maintenance departments. In today’s technologically advanced world, however, companies are quickly realizing the need for mobile CMMS applications. Read on to learn what benefits mobile CMMS provides for manufacturers.

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“Since a large majority of maintenance tasks are performed out on the plant floor, it should be no surprise that mobile devices play a significant role in daily job duties. In a 2017 survey conducted by Plant Engineering, respondents were asked which emerging technologies they’re considering for inclusion in their predictive maintenance initiatives. The results — which included the use of smartphones and tablets — were as follows:

Mobile CMMS Adoption Table

Mobile CMMS Usage

It’s quite clear that maintenance technicians and managers are incorporating mobile devices into their day-to-day activities. And thankfully, today, most reputable CMMS software vendors offer mobile CMMS applications. Using this technology, manufacturing maintenance professionals can complete an array of tasks while on the go.

Key Capabilities of Mobile CMMS Software

  • Manage and Create Work Orders: Workers can issue parts for work orders, add comments and close work orders to verify the completion of jobs.
  • Create Work Requests: Workers can simply type in problems with specific pieces of equipment and submit them directly to management for processing.
  • Perform Inventory Control Functions: Workers can access inventory records from the job site, check parts inventory, issue spare parts and update inventory records.
  • Update Asset Meter Readings: Workers can update current meters for a particular asset.” …
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