DPSI released the newest version of PMC, a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), this week. PMC version 8.2 offers enhancements to existing utilities, work orders, planning and reporting features. Among the most commonly used CMMS software solutions around the world, PMC preventive maintenance control software is known for its ease of use and affordability. PMC includes a complete work order generation, management and reporting system as well as preventive maintenance scheduling, purchasing, inventory control and more.

Why is Preventive Maintenance Important?

A strong preventive maintenance (PM) strategy helps companies reduce unplanned equipment failures and extend overall asset life. Preventive maintenance takes place before an asset or piece of equipment breaks down. It is the opposite of reactive maintenance, which takes place only after the equipment malfunctions resulting in unplanned downtime.

PM tasks can be carried out at predetermined intervals, such as a time period or meter count. With multiple pieces of equipment or assets, the process is far too complex to maintain manually for most organizations. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), such as PMC, allows organizations to effectively carry out PM strategies. The software enables users to store and quickly access information like equipment status, history, manufacturer-recommended guidelines, spare parts, processes and more. It’s a powerful tool allowing maintenance departments to schedule and assign PM tasks in advance, taking into account slow times for the business, along with many other smart features.

About DPSI

DPSI is an industry-leading maintenance management software company with over 30 years of experience. Our best-of-breed software was designed specifically for maintenance management professionals. In addition to PMC, DPSI offers iMaint— an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution available through a traditional software license or via internet or network access. DPSI offers a variety of products in addition to CMMS services such as software implementation, training, project planning and data migration. Our clients span industries such as manufacturers, food and beverage, facilities, fleet, government and more. Browse through our customer success stories to learn how we have helped companies improve equipment reliability, improve processes and save money. To learn more about PMC version 8.2 or other DPSI products and services, please contact us today.

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