Regular equipment maintenance is essential to keeping it safe, reliable and in working order. Inadequate maintenance can cause accidents, health issues, and other dangerous problems. Learn more on preventing injuries with equipment maintenance, and why it’s crucial for creating products of high quality and ensuring continuous productivity.

Regular maintenance eliminates workplace hazards and provides a safer and healthier work environment. Maintenance tasks may include the following:

  • Measurement
  • Testing
  • Replacement
  • Upkeep
  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • Adjustment
  • Inspection
  • Parts
  • Servicing

Not only can accidents hurt your company’s bottom line, they can also take an enormous toll on the motivation and morale of your employees. If you’re in charge of equipment, it’s important maintain it with the help of EAM/CMMS software. EAM/CMMS software can help you keep track of day-to-day asset maintenance and prevent equipment failure.

Creating a Preventive Maintenance Calendar

Create a preventive maintenance calendar and schedule basic equipment maintenance tasks, such as checking belts, checking and changing fluids, and oiling bearings. You can determine what preventive maintenance tasks need to be added to your calendar based on trial and error. For example, if a piece of equipment fails, the diagnosis may show that a simple preventive maintenance task performed at regular intervals is required to prevent the failure from occurring again.

Routine maintenance extends the life of equipment. You can distill preventive maintenance tasks into a set of best practices in your EAM/CMMS software. By developing a detailed list of preventive maintenance program procedures, you can standardize the operation and maintenance of equipment across your organization and cut costs. Standardizing the processes you use to inspect, repair, and maintain equipment is crucial to ensuring a low risk of injury and uniform maintenance work, regardless of who completes the task.

It’s also important to create PM tasks reminding maintenance technicians that they need to refresh their skills and undergo training. This will help reinforce their knowledge of machinery, emphasize safe workplace practices, and prevent worker injuries. Doing an inventory of the preventive maintenance tasks that are set up in your CMMS for each piece of machinery is just as important as checking your spare parts inventory and ordering parts.

Prioritize Maintenance Work with EAM/CMMS Software

Use priority codes in your CMMS to prioritize work and alert maintenance technicians about health and safety concerns related to equipment. Maintenance software allows you to flag assets based on their criticality from a safety perspective. You can also use your CMMS to identify equipment maintenance jobs that are risky. Safety priority codes give maintenance technicians full knowledge of the safety risks associated with various maintenance tasks.

Making safety a priority in your maintenance department can go a long way toward promoting productivity and mitigating the risk of injury. Empower your workforce with the tools they need to efficiently maintain equipment in the field with EAM/CMMS software. Effective equipment maintenance with the help of maintenance software will keep your assets running optimally, reduce maintenance costs, streamline processes and protect employees. To learn more about preventing injuries with equipment maintenance, or to inquire about our maintenance management software services, contact us today.