A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or enterprise asset management (EAM) software can provide the tools necessary for organizations to significantly improve their operations. As with any major software system, however, there are a number of best practices to follow in order to gain the most value from the system. Investing in additional CMMS/EAM services can help ensure successful software implementations as well as ongoing use. Learn about additional CMMS services that are worth the investment.

There are many steps involved in selecting CMMS software. But there are also many other best practices to follow after a system has been chosen. For example, establishing asset naming standards for data input is essential for maintaining consistency within the system. Developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for CMMS software is the best way to ensure data within the system is accurate, which is critical for reliable decision-making. CMMS software vendors offer additional services, like project planning, to prepare teams for software implementation. CMMS project planning involves developing a tailored software implementation roadmap, including identifying goals and timelines.

End-user training is recommended in a majority of project plans, since there is a learning curve associated with any new program. Regardless of simple interfaces and user-friendly navigation, a powerful CMMS/EAM program can be overwhelming at first. CMMS software training is a worthwhile investment—it helps ensure the system is functioning properly and accomplishing pre-established goals. There are many reasons an organization may needed additional CMMS training, such as:

  • Basic training needed to learn new CMMS
  • Advanced training for CMMS administrators/champions
  • Cross-train users in the event admins retire or change jobs
  • New hires need basic CMMS training
  • Custom training needed to utilize a specific or never-before-used CMMS feature/integration

There are numerous other CMMS services that can benefit organizations looking for ways to improve. Data migration is a service that saves companies a great deal of time and headaches. It can include data mapping from an old system to a new software, data accountability as well as installation instructions. CMMS customizations can include tailoring reports, developing unique application modifications, linking data with external applications and more in order to meet an organization’s specific needs. A CMMS audit helps identify areas for improvement, plan for future goals and ensure the software evolves as business needs’ change.

Unfortunately, it’s not realistic to assume that solely purchasing CMMS software will result in a great deal of benefits. In fact, maintenance management system implementations often fail as a result of poor (or no) planning, lack of user training and other important factors that contribute to the overall success of the program. Take advantage of additional CMMS software services. As you conduct initial research, research the cost of products and all accompanying services that can help your company gain the most value from the software. Incorporate these costs into your overall CMMS budget, both initial investment and ongoing costs.

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