Facilities maintenance management software offers a number of significant advantages. When considered individually, these benefits are impressive, but when taken as a whole, they demonstrate the necessity of seriously considering an investment in facilities maintenance software.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

While certain stakeholders may not place a strong emphasis on compliance, there are likely a myriad of regulations that are applicable to your industry. Failure to comply with these laws can result in significant fines or even a temporary shutdown of operations. Facilities management software can be programmed to test against issues of compliance and include the necessary activities to ensure compliance.

Capture Information Automatically

Facilities maintenance management software captures information automatically through the course of the workday. For example, if you fill out a work order to repair a piece of equipment, the software then captures that information and creates a history that is associated with that particular piece of equipment.

Fast and Accurate Reporting

One of the greatest advantages of facilities maintenance software is the ability to generate reports with little to no delay. Reports provide real-time information to key decision makers in an organization, enabling them to make more informed business decisions.

Synchronize Preventive Maintenance Actions

Combine separate preventive maintenance work orders to synchronize preventive maintenance actions and manage your workload more efficiently.

Employee Insight

Another advantage of facilities maintenance management software is an enhanced insight into employee performance. Each employee will be aware of the exact part he or she plays in the maintenance operation of the facility, and key stakeholders will be able to assess the performance of individual employees against expectations. You can monitor your employees’ performance to determine how they’re doing on the job, measure their productivity levels, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Integration Capabilities

Maintenance management software can integrate with other systems used in your organization. For the best results, opt for best-of-breed maintenance software that was developed specifically for maintenance, yet that easily integrates with other types of modern software.

Thorough and Consistent Processes

Using facilities maintenance management software to manage workflow will result in a level of efficiency that is difficult to maintain otherwise. The software will help ensure maintenance tasks are adequately and completely described, and these thorough processes will be scheduled on a consistent basis. You can ensure consistency by designating certain form fields as required and controlling how users enter information.

Mobility and Collaboration

Particularly in the case of organizations with multiple facilities, the ability to have access to facility data via a smartphone, laptop, or tablet is vital. This allows members of management to make timely and informed decisions.

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