Local governments such as city and county agencies are responsible for maintaining a wealth of assets. Consider all departments within a local government—parks and recreation, public works, utilities and facilities just to name a few. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help each individual department ensure proper maintenance of their assets is completed on time and on budget, as well as many other benefits. Employing a CMMS for local government streamlines processes across multiple departments and helps organizations accomplish big-picture goals.

Extend Life of Assets with a Preventive Maintenance Program

It’s no surprise that well-maintained assets last longer. When it comes to assets like police, fire and public works equipment, longer life cycles equate to significant cost savings. It’s extremely important that city and county governments perform preventive maintenance in order to maximize asset life. Maintenance management software allows organizations to implement preventive maintenance plans by automating planning and scheduling. Need to establish a plan for road surface treatments to prevent potholes? What about scheduling air filter replacements for buildings like city hall or the public library? Or making sure cables are routinely tightened on a pedestrian bridge? Common maintenance tasks such as these can be incorporated into preventive maintenance programs within a CMMS, helping city and county governments not only save money but also help ensure the safety of citizens.

Plan Effectively for Future Projects

CMMS for local government helps prevent assets from failing, thereby reducing staff overtime and material costs typically spent on repairs. Aside from these savings, maintenance software allows for departments to better communicate and report on past and future expenses. How? CMMS software stores all asset history, such as previous work orders and breakdowns, and organizations can use this historical data to predict expenditures like equipment replacement. Better planning and more accurate funds allocation for future projects, such as new parks or facilities, are among benefits city and county governments will experience.

Accurately Report Data to City Management

The ability for departments to effectively communicate key data, such status of asset condition and expenses, to upper management is crucial. This allows for informed decision-making, enabling local municipalities to thrive. A CMMS such as iMaint enterprise asset management (EAM) software provides over 200 pre-built reports and graphs, and allows users to customize reports based on specific needs. The iMaint dashboard is another helpful tool that illustrates real-time data related to assets and numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) in the form of easy-to-view charts and graphs. Examples include total cost of repairs by numerous criteria including asset, type of assets, department, project, cost center, failure analysis, most expensive assets to maintain, work orders completed on time and many more. Users can customize their dashboards to show up to five charts/graphs on one screen, ensuring they’ll always have updated information related to activities that most impact their department.

iMaint for City Government in Action

The City of Reidsville, North Carolina utilizes iMaint in multiple departments to manage assets such as vehicles, equipment, facilities, streets, water lines, sewer lines, a water treatment plant, a wastewater treatment plant, parks and thousands of spare parts. Each department and asset can be categorized in different ways using iMaint, which plays plays a pivotal role in controlling the city’s costs and guiding management decisions.

Assistant City Manager Terri Stamey says, “The flexibility and depth of the iMaint software enables us to submit detailed cost information on a schedule that’s responsive to our needs. This helps us give the City Council the information necessary to support our plan of work and achieve their goals for our community. It also helps us to stay within budget, since we know where costs are at any time.”

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Complying with regulatory standards is another challenge many city and county municipalities face. CMMS for local government agencies allows departments to quickly produce reports needed for outside regulations. For example, the City of Reidsville utilizes iMaint to fulfill necessary requirements that come along with State grant funding. Reidsville’s Finance Director can accurately report on the amount of allocated expenditures and track specific categories of spending. Historical data stored within iMaint also ensures the city can provide maintenance records to their insurance company when claims are filed. iMaint helps city management stay organized, comply with budgetary standards and maintain detailed records needed for outside authorities.

Ready to Implement CMMS for Local Government?

City and county governments can utilize robust CMMS software such as iMaint to increase productivity, manage resources responsibly, extend the life of critical assets and improve decision-making processes. If you’re ready to employ a CMMS program, be sure to select a software solution that best fits your government agency’s unique needs. iMaint is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that can be tailored for any department. It’s also easy to expand iMaint from one department to multiple departments within a city or county government agency. Schedule a free live demo to learn hands-on how iMaint can help your local government agency achieve success.

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