One of the biggest challenges facing facilities is effectively managing different types of assets without creating a huge workload for staff. The unexpected downtime or retirement of assets can have disastrous results. Further, a series of asset failures can begin to build a negative reputation of your company, which can then reduce the probability of gaining new customers over time. For these reasons, it is vital to learn how to make the most of assets by effectively managing the asset lifecycle with facility maintenance software.

Facilities maintenance software can be used to track all asset activities and optimize the utilization of assets. Asset lifecycle management enables your organization to make the most of your assets and derive greater value from them. Each asset has a lifecycle and the key to effective asset management is to know where it is in its lifecycle and whether it is providing value to your organization.

Start on the Right Foot

Facility maintenance software is only as good as the data entered into it. If incomplete information is entered into a maintenance management system, then simple maintenance checks will be scheduled incorrectly or missed altogether.

Therefore, it must become a standard operating procedure for all necessary information to be entered into the facility maintenance software. CMMS systems support full asset lifecycle documentation, including warranties, preventive maintenance, cost history, and health and safety procedures.

Establish and Implement Preventive Maintenance Schedules

In order for facility maintenance software to be maximized, it is of paramount importance that preventive maintenance be executed properly. Failure to do so will lead to losses for any organization because the expense associated with the facility maintenance software will not be offset by increases in efficiency and asset lifecycles.

CMMS software can be used to effectively schedule preventive maintenance tasks. These maintenance activities can be triggered automatically by technical conditions, consumption hours, and other metrics, helping to extend the lifecycle of your assets. Consider for a moment the impact on your organization’s bottom line if assets lasted an average of 10-12 months longer.

Improve Performance and Productivity with Real-Time Analytics

Facility maintenance software provides value across the lifecycle of an asset. Companies that take advantage of the real-time data analysis and reporting capabilities contained in facility maintenance software will be able to evaluate the performance of their assets and identify opportunities for improvement. Facility maintenance software supports the analysis of any asset, in terms of its total cost of ownership, utilization, time to repair, performance, reliability, and more. In order to maximize the value of assets, it’s crucial that companies track activities related to these assets throughout their lifecycles to ensure that they align with their strategic objectives.

If you are looking to implement facility maintenance software in your organization or seek an alternative to your existing facility maintenance software, DPSI can help. We have been in the facility maintenance management software industry for nearly 30 years, and boast the expertise needed to help you successfully implement facility maintenance software and manage the asset lifecycle. Contact us today for more information or to arrange a free trial.