Have you ever recognized the need for a product or service that would make your job easier, but struggle with how to convince upper management? Maintenance departments often experience difficulty gaining approval for additional spending, since these departments are typically the first place to start when it comes to budget cuts. Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) provides ample opportunities for companies to decrease costs, enhance productivity and maximize ROI. Yet many maintenance departments settle on utilizing spreadsheets to organize work orders, equipment information and other important maintenance data. Using spreadsheets for maintenance management is an outdated practice that typically costs companies’ exponentially more money in the long run than it would to implement CMMS software. Making the switch from spreadsheets to maintenance software is a worthwhile investment.

The Irony

Gathering important data and completing specific tasks on the plant floor have traditionally been included in manufacturing employees’ job duties. However, technological advances such as the use of sensors and robotics are changing this paradigm in modern manufacturing plants. It’s not uncommon to see technology like this in action today—the use of robots is simply business as usual in many facilities. However, some of the same companies employing the use of expensive robotics are still using spreadsheets to organize critical maintenance information. While a robot can yield a decent return, it’s rarely true that its ROI could top that of a CMMS.

Why Spreadsheets Lack Sustainability

Using spreadsheets for maintenance management may provide a means to store important information, but spreadsheets do not streamline processes. For example, you can keep work orders organized in a spreadsheet and utilize filters to query specific information within that data. But you cannot use a spreadsheet to create a work order, assign it to a technician, send a notification to that technician via email and give them the ability to mark it complete and record notes. A CMMS is a one-stop-shop for maintenance departments, giving them the ability to:

  • Develop, edit and generate scheduled work orders
  • Manage parts, suppliers and adjustment information from a centralized database
  • Set up preventive maintenance schedules for each asset
  • Create triggers based on time, meter count or event
  • Measure performance by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time
  • Run a variety of reports needed to make smarter asset management decisions
  • Have information easily available for regulatory agencies or insurance companies
  • Countless other abilities

Making the Switch

After carefully considering all advantages of utilizing CMMS software over maintenance spreadsheets, upper management is likely to recognize the value. However, the process of selecting maintenance software and the task of switching over to the new system could be perceived as challenging. It doesn’t have to be. DPSI offers industry-leading maintenance management software for businesses and budgets of all sizes. We work with industries such as manufacturing, fleet, facilities, food and beverage, government, healthcare and more to ensure their maintenance needs are met. We offer on-premise solutions (installed on your machine) in addition to cloud based CMMS (accessed online). Benefits of using a cloud-hosted version include a significantly lower initial investment and the ability to get up and running quickly. You can also access many web-based training courses, enabling staff to begin learning how to use the new system right away. Our Professional Services team can even migrate existing data from spreadsheets to your new CMMS system, so you don’t have to start from scratch. DPSI works with your organization to ensure success, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses within your operations and offering solutions to resolve critical maintenance challenges.

A Worthwhile Investment of Time and Money

Spreadsheets lack sustainability and many important capabilities that maintenance software offers. DPSI’s feature-rich CMMS software solutions are designed specifically for maintenance and include a simple interface that maintenance staff feel comfortable using, making it a no-brainer to transition from outdated spreadsheets. Contact DPSI today to schedule a free demonstration of our software.

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